Guide for Installation Of Bird Net for Aircraft Hangars

Installation Of Bird Net

We cannot ignore the fact that pest birds can make you cost a lot of money. If you are thinking about how they would do so? And, if you are wondering whether installing a bird net will worth it or not? Then, keep reading this article further. Pest birds usually make a nest when they gather. Especially in the aircraft hangars, poop, and destroy it.

The aircraft hangars and canopies, garages, warehouses, eaves, factories, and other working areas that are fully covered need to be protected from such pest birds. Although there are many ways to get rid of those birds. One of the effective ways is to install industrial Birdnet in such covered places.

Why do aircraft hangars need to be protected with a bird net?

  • As we have already mentioned about the hazards caused by pests birds, but there are more. The birds’ dropping can ruin the expensive products that are kept for shipping in loading bays. The pest birds also cover many areas. This means the droppings will be more. This later can freeze up forklifts, locking dock doors, chain-driven power lifts, and other things to cause more trouble.
  • Moreover, electrical panels and outlets can get covered or damaged by droppings. It is not unknown that an aircraft hangar cost much more than we can imagine. So, it will be best to install a bird net instead of letting it ruined by the birds. Also, the droppings can cause slip-and-fall hazards for those who are working or visitors.
  • Another quite severe concern is that the bird droppings on the airplanes or aircraft. These accumulate in the aluminum skin can weaken the structure by corroding the metal. Sometimes, the droppings, feathers, or other bird matters reach the crucial parts of the engine. Cleaning the details would help, but it is quite expensive and time-consuming to clean an aircraft’s engines.
  • Several minor risks of diseases that are carried and transmitted through the droppings can be caused. Not only birds, but their nests material or their droppings contains several insects and mites that can be harmful to us as they can damage our property, food, and fabrics stored in warehouses.

Does Bird netting worth it?

Of course, bird netting is an excellent and effective solution as humane bird control. You can get a wide range of bird nets in several colors, including stone, black, and white. The black nets available in the market usually protects from harmful UV rays and doesn’t become discolored even after getting dirty or dusty.

If you face small birds’ problems, you can install smaller-sized bird-proofing nets that don’t trap the birds. The bird net that is heavy-duty is made up of high strength polyethylene. If you are looking for a long-lasting and UV protection bird net, then you should go for those net made of knotted polyethylene which comes in burst strengths of approximately 40 pounds.

Other bird control options

Stainless steel bird spikes

This can be an effective and ideal way to keep the pest birds away from hangars, runway signs, and radar equipment. The tips come in different splay widths for protecting a wide range.

The Agrilaser

This is a hand-held device that uses several advanced technologies including patented optical laser-beam technology so that the birds can be repelled harmlessly over a great distance. It gives a physical threat to the birds through the green laser beam, which allows them to flee from the area. This device can be ideal for big birds, including geese.

Bird Jolt Flat Track Kit

This is an electrical track system of low profile that helps you get rid of the birds by producing a harmless electric shock that teaches the birds to stay away from the horizontal surface. This system is the only electric bird track system designed for improved safety and performance with patented anti-arcing and glue troughs designs.

Wrapping up

Those who are frustrated with the bird droppings, or you are a facilitator manager of an aircraft hanger, or any other building can go for installing the bird net. We have already provided you all the information regarding the problems that arise from pest birds, and how you can prevent it. I hope you’ll find this article on birds control solutions helpful.