Top 8 Instagram WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

Instagram WordPress Themes

With the advent of the free market, you will find that businesses are expanding to a large extent. The general people have elevated themselves quickly, and you will find that there are several small business units quickly becoming large corporations. Some companies are very successful, and some that have collected influence and fame often monopolizes the market. They can sell their products at low prices and resort to large-scale advertisements at the same time. These businesses hold control in the market as they are leaders in their niche.

Small businesses and their performance in the market

When it comes to small businesses, you will find they often find it hard to compete in the global market. The Internet, however, gives consumers a voice and helps companies to reach out to them with their marketing messages. This is where your business website does the job. It is a significant marketing tool that reaches out to the targeted market. In today’s world, every business must have a site to reach out to the targeted audience. WordPress is a content management platform that reaches out to the audience in an extensive way.

Instagram and reasons why you must use it for your business!

When it comes to reaching out to the audience, you need to ensure that you also use social media platforms like Instagram to reach out to your targeted audience. Instagram is one of the most widely sought after social networking websites that has an app-based platform and allows you to increase your followers to your business website with success. There are over 800 million monthly users on Instagram, and this is why using this social media platform for your site is a prudent choice.

Today, you can integrate WordPress and Instagram with the aid of themes. There are WordPress Instagram based themes that work well for your small business. They play a vital role in increasing followers to your website however at the same time; they also improve the functionality and the appeal of your site.

Instagram Themes on WordPress

When it comes to the use of WordPress Instagram themes, the following are some of the best themes you can use for your website-

1. Carrie

This Instagram WordPress theme is exquisite and stylish at the same time. If you have a business blog and looking for appeal in the form of fonts, colors, and layouts, this theme is the ideal one for you. It boasts of a built-in slider along with a slider revolution that enhances the layout of your site. It provides you with a unique visual experience that is pleasing to the eye. In fact, it increases followers to your Instagram page and website too. Although you can buy followers from credible websites like Gramblast, this theme is worth trying out for your small business.

2. Alpha Blog

This theme pays a lot of attention and focuses to details. It is ideal for small business owners however you can also use it for personal use as well. The design and the layout of the theme are indeed timeless. You can get great customization options when it comes to typography, layout, and colors. Choose them to suit your tastes and preferences. If you are looking for a good theme that will integrate well with your plugin, opt for this theme. It helps you to create, publish and share your content with users effectively.

3. New York

Bloggers love this theme. It is a theme that caters to everyone. It has a fast, minimal design that allows you to share content in such a way that catches the attention of the user. The installation process is easy. Simple install and start using it.

4. Jarsen

This theme stands out from the rest of the themes as it has a simple and classic appeal. It uses the Bootstrap template system in the form of a grid so that the blog is compatible with every drive. This theme is a responsive one and has many possibilities. It is ideal for users who wish to publish newsletters online. It has many widgets for you to use.

5. Donald

This theme is ideal for sharing knowledge and highlighting professional achievements. You effectively can list the achievements of your business online with the aid of this theme. It can be used for building personal and professional websites and blogs. You have three variations for your home page, and there is a wide range of post styles you can opt for.

6. Everly

This theme has a bold design you can use for creating personal websites. The design and elegance add to the value of your site and promotes it in a right way. Its design is trendy and gives you a host of attractive features for you to use. You also get a complete width layout and a sidebar layout. If you check this theme, you will find four layouts are available for you.

7. Winston

This theme helps you to display your content in an exquisite and modern style. There are some modern features in this theme like neat header, carousel, panel that is user-friendly and more. You get over 600 fonts from Google. This theme is very simple for you to install and use.

8. DashBlog

This theme is simple, clean and modern. It helps you to promote professional and personal websites. This theme is customized to adapt to your business style and is completely responsive. No matter where you use it, the site will look great. This theme gives you nine custom templates.

Therefore, if you are looking for popular Instagram WordPress themes for your site, opt for the ones that have been listed above. They are widely sought after by small business owners, bloggers, and owners of personal websites. Go to their home page and opt for a demo before you install them on your site. Choose a theme that is tailor-made to your style so that it has the appeal, elegance, and design you wish to portray to your targeted audience online!