Top 4 Instagram Marketing Tools for Your Promotional Campaign

Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram has turned out to be a great contributing factor in the social media marketing scenario. No matter what kind of business your run whether it is big or small, having a strong presence on Instagram can define your marketing success in no time. In case you are wondering why this visual-sharing platform is gaining so much positive acclaim, it has been reported that Instagram currently bears more than 800 million users and 90 million posts are shared every day, which pretty much makes it clear why it is turning out to be one of the most influential social media community in the web market.

Marketing is all about telling your audience how your business can benefit them and solve their problems and Instagram is packed with just the right tools for accomplishing so. Here are some of the prominent marketing tools that you can leverage during your Instagram marketing campaign:

1. Gramfeed

If you are looking for an app that will bring your Instagram feed to the web, look no further than Gramfeed which is an online-based app designed for the exact purpose. Gramfeed is packed with some of the basic features such as viewing your own photo, keeping an eye on the followers, likes, and comments. However, the main reason why Gramfeed is the most sought-after Instagram marketing app is that it confers you with an extensive list of influencers in your industry with whom you can collaborate to promote your business more intensely. Also, Gramfeed lets you log in with multiple accounts on Instagram that enables better visualization of the images on the map.

2. Statigram

How cool is it when you sign in to your Instagram account and get to see the latest photos uploaded by your favorite account? Well, this is possible with Statigram which allows you to view all the pictures at once or in a group. Also, with Statigram, you can effortlessly make your Instagram news feed clutter free. Apart from that, Statigram allows you with a wide array of features for interacting with more people on the visual-only platform and gain more followers for Instagram. Also, it has been reported that Statigram currently renders the most useful and advanced analytical data. It provides you with data regarding your most engaged followers and the best time to post on Instagram.

3. Unfollowgram

Another app that comes in handy for managing your Instagram following is Unfollowgram which can provide you with insights on the people who have followed and unfollowed you recently. The simplicity of the app’s interface makes it an instant favorite of most marketers on Instagram.

4. Copygram

In case you are looking for a breathtaking interface for your content on Instagram, using Copygram can be your go-to marketing option. From being equipped with a contemporary design to an uncluttered image placing design, Copygram is probably the best app you can use for letting your audience enjoy your posts in a much immersive way.

5. v-user  

The v-user Instagram Bulk DM Bot is one of the best tools that can be used to automatically send advertising DMS containing text, emojis, images and videos to many people on Instagram. This bot offers you a final report of what has been done. It can send messages using several accounts and there are no limits on the number of accounts used to send messages. Also, the bot design and the way it sends DMs are based on Instagram algorithms, which causes your accounts not get restricted by Instagram.

This bot works on Windows systems and using it, you can send any desired number of DMs limitlessly and without having to pay for each DM separately. This bot also offers many more practical and interesting features that set it apart from its competitors. For more information, visit the v-User website. 


Instagram marketing tools are designed for streamlining the promotional campaigns on the platform. Ensure that you are using some of the best ones mentioned above and draw the attention of your followers.