Top 4 Important Things to Have in Your Bag Before a Night Out

Before a Night Out

Are you heading on a night out with some friends? Your main priority should be going out to have some fun but at the same time. You are going to need to have some things with you. So that you are prepared for anything that could happen on your night out. This article is going to discuss in a bit more detail some of the best things. These you should you take in your bag when you are heading on a night out. 

1. Cash Money 

Most things can be paid for with card now. But you never know on a night out when you might need some cash. For instance, there are quite a few different taxis that are yet to accept card. So you are going to need cash if you need this to get you from one bar to another or even to take you home. You don’t need loads but as long as you have enough to cover any emergencies then you are going to be okay. Keep it somewhere separate to your cards or phone. So that if anything gets lost you still have emergency money. 

2. House Keys 

Sure, you probably aren’t going to need your house keys when you are on your night out. But there is nothing worse than getting home in the early hours from a night out and realizing you don’t have your keys. Best case scenario, you live with someone and have to knock and yell until they wake up and can let you in. It will most likely incredibly annoying for them as well. Taking your keys with you is going to make the end of your night run a lot smoother.

3. A Vape 

This mainly only applies to those who vape. But if you go on a night out without your vape then you are going to realize that you miss it. You should consider taking a couple of different flavors. So you have a choice throughout the night. Be sure to head over to online websites in order to find out what kind of vapes are available for you to purchase. 

4. Your ID 

Even if you are well above the legal drinking age you are still going to need to make sure that you take your ID with you. There are a lot of bars that have a general rule to ID anybody who tries to come in, regardless of how old they look. You don’t want to be getting turned away from anywhere. It is vital that you take your ID out with you. 


There is nothing quite like going on a fun night out with some of your friends. However, there is a lot that you should consider taking in order. It is to make sure that the night runs as smoothly as it possibly can. These items include but are not limited to those listed above such as cash money, house keys, a vape and some ID.