Full Review Of The Animation Movie The Breadwinner

hey what’s up guys let’s talk about TheBreadwinner.so this is an animated drama film directed by Norah Twomeywhoco-directed, The Secret of Kells brought to you by the same studio another onethat might ring the bell is Song of the Seaboth were well received and this one is actually executively produced byAngelina Jolie. it apparently had a wide release back in November however I wasactually under the impression that it was only lever limited and I’m a bitsurprised seeing as there aren’t a lot of people I know who have seen this filmand believe me I tried my best to watch it as soon as it came out.

It was a bittoo far for me it was about maybe 30 miles outside where I’m from and that’sjust too much of a trek luckily it’s now on Netflix and is nominated for BestAnimated Feature Film this year at the 90th Oscars so this film is about ayoung girl named Parvana who lives in a Taliban controlled Afghanistan after herfather is arrested for reasons. I won’t spoil she ends up having to disguiseherself as a boy to be the sole caretaker for food for her family as hermother sister and very young brother aren’t able to first off withoutquestion the animation is gorgeous.This is the best animation movies that you should watch if you guys still watching the game of thrones bastard names.

It has a very calming effect and feel to it Ireally enjoyed the color tones and I want to say right now it’s my number onefilm from this studio the voice acting is absolutely terrific and I reallyappreciate that it’s not done by any voice actor that we actually know. inthis case because sometimes that can be a little bit distracting if you all the suddenhear a voice that sounds very familiar kind of takes you out of the filmsometimes.

I appreciate that that didn’t happen here the story is veryinteresting and intriguing I really like when it transitions to moments where youhear Parvana telling her little brother or talking about the story of theElephant King animation tends to change a little bit here and there which Ireally enjoy while the animation is aesthetically pleasing keep in mind thisis definitely not a kid’s film I would probably not show this to anyone underthe age of 11 or so it definitely has a few moments here and there that willsurprise you.

How far it goes in some of the violence and other themes thatadults are more likely to catch on to it’s a very powerful tale that has a lotof emotional resonance to it which made the film work really well overall. Iwould say this is the most overlooked film in this year’s Oscar nominationsthere are not a lot of people out there that have seen this film unfortunatelynow let’s actually get into the Oscars a little bit becauseif you’ve seen this year’s nominations the five films in the animated featurecategory.

It’s pretty weak don’t get me wrong there are at least three filmshere that I think are absolutely great to include Coco is obviously thefront-runner and really there is no debate it is going to win the Oscar thisyear Loving Vincent I’ve heard is very good as welland I would say that one definitely deserves to be here. however The BossBaby and Ferdinand those two are pretty disappointing if I were to switchthings up just a little bit well let’s see let’s just take up Coco for nowbecause we know that’s a great film and I would definitely take out the last twonow here at least three other films that I think would be a good substitute forsome of them I would say Paddington 2 is one of if not the best of these fivethat I’ve enjoyed this year.

So far and it is a bit of a hybrid so some peoplemight not agree with that I’ve heard The Lego Batman Movie is really good as welldefinitely hoping to see that one soon Mary and the Witch’s Flower is definitelya personal choice. I was pretty disappointed to not see a single Japaneseanimated film featured on here so my final picks would probably come down tothis for the purest animation sake also for those of you who are curious what Ithought about this year’s animated shorts.

My favorite would have to be RevoltingRhymes Part One and then it would have to be Pixar’s Lou after that it kind ofmixes between Dear Basketball and Negative Space and lastly the filmGarden Party going back to this film however it is definitely a very movingand special film that deserves way more recognition than it’s getting for thoseof you who haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it checking out as I said it’s onNetflix the Oscars are tomorrow.

So it’s perfect timing even though this one’spretty clear-cut and is most likely going to Coco don’t skip out on thisfilm The Breadwinner earns its Oscar nod by being the most overlooked nominationthis year deserving more attention for its powerfully endearing story andterrific animation and that’s why this film is a diligent pick so guys I’vebeen a little under the weather this week I hope it wasn’t too noticeable andthe weather itself has actually been pretty bad it’s raining quite a lot hereI hope that wasn’t too distracting for those of you who have seen TheBreadwinner how does it compare to the rest of the nominations in this categorydo you feel like it deserves more recognition than its getting this year Imade picks for 21 of the 24 Oscar categories and I tried to include everysingle film that I saw this year so therefore you’ll see at least 20different picks.