Must-Have Features for Your New Home

Features for New Home

When building a new home, there are many considerations for your dream space. Adding the right custom home features can add value and functionality to your house design.

A flex room is a great new home idea that can transform into anything the family needs. This includes a study, home office, or playroom for kids.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows you to control lights remotely using a smartphone app. You can create automated schedules or prevent them based on motion and occupancy.

Smart lights can connect to other smart home systems like command and thermostats. And thanks to a new standard called Matter, you can choose one brand and protocol for all your smart lighting devices.

Indoor Courtyard

The indoor courtyard is a beautiful house feature that provides an escape to nature without having to venture outside. It can be filled with lush greenery or a low-maintenance zen garden.

In addition to connecting and distributing the home’s spaces, courtyards can provide natural ventilation during hot summer nights. This is especially helpful in homes like new homes in Ormond Beach, FL, with large windows and doors.


Whether traditional bookcases in a home office or shelving around a fireplace, built-ins add a custom furniture feel to any room. However, since these structures are permanent, changing them out without extensive construction can be costly and difficult.

Still, Horner says built-ins are “worth it if you’re considering resale value.” They’re the perfect way to incorporate innovative storage solutions and heirloom display space into your home.


A slide is a great way to spice up a backyard and entertain guests. This must-have feature for new homes will help families make the most of their outdoor living spaces.

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Electrical Outlets and USB Ports

Electrical outlets with USB ports are convenient to include in a new home. They centralize recharging and eliminate the need for numerous extension cords and power strips.

This upgrade is safer than cramming multiple devices into adapters, which can cause overdraw and, at worst, start a fire. They install just like standard outlets and require no upgrades to a home’s electrical system.

Outdoor Living Room

Whether you call it a deck, porch, patio, 3-season room, or sunroom, an outdoor living space is an asset to any new home. It’s where you relax, entertain, and bond with family.

Add a sofa, chair, and coffee table to define your space. In this outdoor living room from blogger Ursula Carmona for Home Made by Carmona, neutral upholstered seating and a patterned area rug tie the design together.

Sun Tunnels or Skylights

Sun tunnels and skylights allow natural light to flow into areas that don’t have windows. Sunlight also reduces reliance on electric lighting, which cuts energy costs.

A contractor will cut a hole in your roof and ceiling, then insert a flexible or rigid reflective tunnel to let natural light stream into the space. The process is quick, easy, and inexpensive! Add this feature to any room in your home.

Central Vacuum

A central vacuum is a luxury feature that can boost resale value. It is often installed when the house is being built after the plumbers and electricians do their rough-in work. The piping system is run behind the walls through stud bays. Professional installers will ensure the piping and inlets are appropriately sized and located. The power unit is typically found in the garage or basement.

Dual Suites

Homes with dual suites are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. From households with aging parents moving into co-buying with friends, homes with two master suites offer flexibility for life’s many stages.

You may be a night owl, and your spouse is an early bird, or your schedules sometimes jibe. Either way, dual suites give both parties space to relax without compromising luxury.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is a popular feature, allowing homeowners to control home systems remotely. This new home trend includes programmable thermostats, WiFi-controlled lights, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras.

These systems can communicate with each other and even learn to detect any environmental changes or anomalies (for example, shutting off a water leak or tapping into reserve power generators to reduce demand). This requires an internet connection, which can go down during outages.