Top 4 Reasons to Choose Marble Worktops You Need to Know

Nowadays, marble can be seen everywhere, as people are using it on their kitchen countertops and walls, as well as flooring. If you are going for a kitchen renovation, marble can be a good worktop installation. But you need to be careful about its maintenance or it could start appearing dull.


Here are some important facts about marble that you must know before making an investment in this natural stone:

1. Metamorphic Rock

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which is actually formed by transforming existing rocks. The work metamorphism means “change in form.” This actually happens when the original form of rock is being subjected to high pressure and temperature levels for changing its physical and chemical form. Marble is formed from limestone, which is put under extreme pressure and heat to create another lovely looking stone that can be used as a coloured or white marble worktop.

2. Maintains Cool Temperature & Requires Sealing

No matter how hot your kitchen environment gets, marble worktop always remains cool when you touch it. The benefit of this cool surface is well known to bakers, who need cool surfaces while rolling pastry or dough. It is easier to work on the cooler surface when rolling out the dough, as cold surfaces prevent dough from sticking on it.

But you need to maintain marble with a good care and attention. Those who don’t know, marble is porous in nature. This means it needs annual sealing so that water cannot damage its surface. If you don’t seal the marble worktop, it will make it more susceptible to staining and make it appear dull after some time. So, it is important to get the sealing done at the right time.

3. Heat Resistance

The good thing about marble is that it’s heat resistant due to a higher temperature. However, it’s still recommended not to place the hot pan on it or it could result in discolouration or damage due to burning. This happens due to a condition that’s known as “thermal shock,” where there are chances of a stone cracking due to sudden heat or temperature elevation.

The best practice is to always form a secondary layer between hot items and direct contact with the marble worktop.

4. Not Easy To Install

You may or may not be aware that marble is a precious material, it is expensive. Therefore, it is advised to get it installed professionally. The installation is not easy, as marble is very heavy and can crack when dropped or knocked off. Therefore, it is important to get the job done only by the professionals.

Only professional workers know how to deal with marble carefully. Installing marble may require more amount of work, which means adding up more expenses, but the end result is totally worth every penny spent on its purchase and installation.

It will be your great investment and its beauty will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire kitchen, provided you maintain it regularly to last for years to come.


While marble effect countertops have become popular, you must understand that true marble cannot be replaced. Marble worktops need less care and maintenance compared to other materials and they look absolutely beautiful when installed. So, it is important to understand every detail or fact about this beautiful natural stone.