What are eBooks: Advantages & Disadvantages

What are eBooks:

eBooks, also known as the “electronic books”, are those books which are available on the internet and as the name refers, these are the electronic books. It is a publication of book that is present in a “digital” form. eBooks contain texts in the digital form, images, and in most cases, there is the presence of both the things. The eBooks have a flat paneled display which can be made available on your laptops, computers and even on your palm sized cellphones. Therefore, it is convenient to say that the huge books are now shortened in size and made into a size of your palm.

eBooks however, are not free. One has to pay online in order to read a specific book. Novels, informative books and etc. are all present online and therefore, these are also examples of eBooks however, unlike the online education system and tutorials, these books are not free and one has to pay additional amount of money apart from the internet bill.


PROS OF eBooks:

Low Price

The main reason of why people tend to go for eBooks is because of the low prices of eBooks. eBooks are not as high priced as the other books might be. eBooks provide comfort which is a huge factor. If one wants to read a novel, one has a huge variety of titles available.


One can simply select from those novels the one that the person likes and then further the reviews upon the certain novels can be searched for. After knowing the reviews, a person can further go on reading the book. This facility however, is not provided when one goes to purchase the paper books.

Pictures and colors

The pictures and different colors present in the pictures that are put with the text eventually account for increasing the interest of the reader in the book.  People usually prefer the colors over the black and white pages.


Moreover, many people which are not interested in book reading, love to read on eBooks, because of the comfort that it provides to the readers. On eBooks, the presence of bookmarks and everything adds into the attraction for the readers even more. The amount of eBook reading and the eBook readers are increasing greatly in number.

Nature friendly

Many people which love the nature, usually hate the paper because trees are chopped and cut down in order to make a paper. So people think that eBooks are better when it comes to reading because in eBooks paper is not required which means, no chopping down of the trees.

Endless information

Unlike the paper books, the eBooks have endless knowledge and information in just one single device. So you do not have to carry a huge load of books on your shoulders to the school. Rather, you have just one device which you have to take wherever you want and with the internet access, you can read the purchased books.

Search ability

In eBooks, you can even search for the text and page by just writing some words without turning a huge load of pages and then searching the paragraphs.


People prefer traditional way

With advantages, disadvantages are also accompanied. Those people, which are too much in to reading and consider ‘’paper books’’ their best friends, are not satisfied by reading on things like eBooks. They prefer feeling the paper and the paper is what brings them satisfaction. eBooks might be very convenient and easy to read, however, eBooks do need the eBook readers in order to read them.

Can be taken down

The eBooks are shared by people with certain profiles. However, you never know when they can take it off or delete it. But when it comes to your paper books, obviously, if you take the proper care of them, they will last you for a life time and no one can take them away from you.


One of its disadvantages is that, Universities and college students use eBook to complete their assignment. No Doubt, Diff checkers are available to compare student’s assignments for plagiarism, but problem still exists.

Device dependability

The biggest disadvantage of eBook is that you might be in the middle of something very serious and might be reading the main part of the story while travelling, but your device might turn off due to low battery. And obviously, you do not have to plug your paper book into a socket in order to charge it, which gives a paper book lead over the eBook.