Coolest Fashion Trends for spring and Summer In 2021

While it has been a quiet year almost everywhere in the world due to the World Pandemic, this season has revealed some of the exceptionally bold designs and styles

Sleek face masks dominated the Fashion Week over the last few weeks, bold blue bags and large and in charge blazers are becoming the new fashion this year. 

The year 2020 and 2021 are by far the most influential years of the decade and are playing a great role in this season’s looks where every single one among them is loved and appreciated by the fashion enthusiasts and for good reasons. 

Get ready to update your wardrobe with the coolest and stylish fashion trends available at the best online clothing stores for Women spotted in spring and summer of the year 2021.

Top Ten Fashion Trends for 2021

1. Sandals and pants 

Whether you are going to work or out for brunch with your friends, you can wrap a pair of amazing sandals or strappy heels around the ankle of your pants, jeans or slacks. Not just that, add a fashion edge by putting on a matching jacket, coat or an off-shoulder blouse to complete your look. It can be said that this is refreshing take to the classic styles in the fashion world, which are likely to turn heads. 

2. Over-sized puffed sleeves

Inspired by the 19th-century fashion, puffed sleeves are highly appreciated in the fashion world today. The puffed sleeves in a dress create an illusion of a slimmer waist which adds an instant feminine touch to the ensemble. Make sure that you opt for soft and pastel colors in the spring and summer or go for a gothic look. It is a great way to pull out the vintage look of the 80s puff sleeves looks as the style never gets tiring for the fashion enthusiasts.

3. Pairing boots and dresses

Grunge is back with the famine dresses and chunky boots. Whether you are a bold fashion person, prefer bold colors, a maxi with secured waists showing your girly side works perfectly with your combat boots. If you have what it takes to pull the look off, you’d be ready for anything. Don’t be hesitant to mix things up. Fashion has no boundaries, so have fun while mixing different things and have fun!

4. Maxi faux leather coats

Keep yourself warm in the chilly winters with the maxi faux leather coats. If you prefer a sleek and high fashion person, then this is where you add an edge. You can also go for the fantastic grunge twist with these long pieces of maxi leather coats. Rock with a bold colour like red or emerald or opt for a classic black ensemble, these coats can definitely change your style. This 90’s staple just got a fresh upgrade, so why not opt for it this winter?

5. Pastel bucket hats

Block out the sun with style! Pastel bucket hats are a classy piece of accessory that is not just cute, but they give an impressive look during any season of the year. They are versatile and works with anything that you wear. From soft beige to zesty lemons and more, the soft pastel bucket hats are a timeless option for a fantastic outfit for the day.

6. Faux leather jumpsuits and boiler suits

Give your wardrobe a new funky look by ricking with a faux pleather jumpsuit. They are not only a versatile piece of clothing, but they act as a one-piece garment that can give a cute look in any event. Unleash your girly side with a pink suit or give a gothic biker look with a chic black ensemble. Complete your look with a belt bag and boots or sandals to rock the world.

7. Bucket style bags

Secure your products in style with a bucket bag. Originally launched by Louis Vuitton in the year 1932 to keep the Champaign fresh, today they have become a fashionable trending accessory. With a long body and a round bucket shape, these bags offer a lot of room for storing things, but they also give an incredibly cute look to the user. Match the shade of your bag with your outfit or take an entirely different shade complementing your attire. It is easy to complete your look with this style, and it is trending as well.

8. Oversize gold chain necklaces

A trend that perhaps never feel outdated in the fashion industry. This summer, opt for an oversized style chain to fit your outfit. Accessories are made to complement and complete your look. The oversized gold chains are the accessory that works with any outfit, no matter what you are wearing. Wear it alone, or with other collection of accessories, you wouldn’t need anything more to make an impression. You can also rock your look with more than two chains to give your ensemble a dramatic twist.

9. Black face masks 

When it comes to protecting yourself from the COVID-19 Pandemic, masks have become a necessity. Why not make it a part of the fashion? Sleek black facemasks work almost for every outfit and provide great coverage over the bridge of the nose all the way to the chin. The beauty of this face mask is that it comes with multiple styling options that go along with it. From an accordion-style to a traditional shape, there are multiple-choice to keep you safe from the life-threatening COVID-19 Virus.

10. Folk inspired coats

Go all out in this season with the folk-inspired coats. When the temperature starts to drop, add in a layer of embroidered laces to keep the outfit warm. Get on with a chic black embroidered tapestry or a brown ensemble. Choose it from the colors you like or opt for a bright and interesting choice. This trend has many trending options and gives room to look fantastic on everybody.