Find 6 Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In Preschool

Child Succeed In Preschool

If you are building a house, you have to make sure that the foundation is strong; otherwise, it will crumble. In the same way, to guarantee your child’s educational success, you have to be keen on how you introduce them to school at the preschool level. Your child’s performance at preschool determines how well they will perform in other classes. Therefore, you must motivate your child to succeed in preschool. However, you cannot entirely encourage your child to succeed in preschool without fully understanding preschool’s role in a child’s life. 

The following are the reasons why preschools are crucial to a child:

1) Preschool equips learners with literacy skills

Preschool allows your child to acquire literacy skills. Literacy skills refer to the ability to read and write. One cannot transition to other education levels when they lack reading and writing skills. Therefore, every parent must enrol their child in preschool.

2) Preschool aids children’s social development

The best preschools and other prominent locations provide an enabling environment for learner’s interactions. Preschools allow a child to interact with fellow children, which aids in the development of social skills. For instance, the interaction between the learners enables them to express themselves, developing communication skills effectively. The learners also build their confidence and self-esteem and become more sociable.

3) Facilitates child physical development

Preschools organise physical activities and sports to engage children. Physical exercise helps your child to stay healthy by preventing the contraction of lifestyle diseases such as obesity. It boost learners’ physical fitness and strengthens the muscles and bones, encouraging a child’s body balance.

So how do you help your child to succeed in preschool?

The following are tips that help your child succeed in preschool:

1) Communication 

The best way to motivate your child to succeed in preschool is through talking to them. Make them understand why school is important and why they should take education seriously. It is also crucial that a parent listens to the child. Be keen on what they like and dislike about schools and their daily experiences in school. Through communication, you can help foster your child’s positive attitude towards school and discover areas of concern that require your immediate attention. For instance, your child may not be performing as per expectations in school, and through communication, you may discover that your child is bullied in school resulting in poor performance. You can then decide on the course of action to take.

2) Do not focus only on academic performance

You may argue that the reason you enroll your child is to gain primary education, and examination results are a test of achieving the academic goals. However, every parent should realize that all children are gifted differently. Do not be too hard on your child if they bring low home grades. Instead, encourage them and make it your responsibility to get to the bottom of the matter. Try and encourage your child to discover their talents and passion and help in nurturing them.

3) Celebrate and reward success

Whenever your child comes home with a good grade or performs well in a test, you should reward their effort. Buying your child a gift every time they perform well means that you acknowledge their effort, which motivates them to do even better in preschool.

4) Practice verbal reinforcement

What you say to your child influences their behaviour. For instance, if you call your child a fool, they may believe it and do very little to change, affecting how they view themselves and how they even feel about themselves. Therefore, you should be keen on what you say to them, especially in matters concerning their school life. It is essential that you focus on the positive side of their every trial instead of lashing out whenever they do not meet your expectations. It would help if you praised their effort by word of mouth. However, too many praises may lose the intended meaning.

5) Encourage sports and fun activities 

Encourage your child to engage in sport and fun activities – make sure they join an international school where this is encouraged. Physical exercise leads to an increase in the size of the hippocampus. Hippocampus is an area in the brain responsible for learning and memory. Its increase leads to increased brain power and boosts a learner’s cognitive abilities and ability to recall, translating to better performance. So your child is likely to remember concepts better when they engage in sports.

6) Be more involved in your child’s academic life

Do not leave school work only to the teacher. It would be best if you showed an interest in your child’s schoolwork. For instance, you could help them do assignments or give them tests, and you could mark the work together. Doing this allows them to improve their areas of weakness and motivate them, hence improving preschool performance.

Preschool determines students’ performance in other educational grades. Therefore, parents should make their child’s success in preschool their responsibility. Through these motivational tips, children will be motivated. Hence, they will likely achieve preschool educational goals.

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