Top 5 Tips to Build a Content Marketing Dashboard

Content Marketing Dashboard

Today, most businesses are online, so content plays an important role in our life. Companies doing an online business want to beat the competitors and increase the customer base. Therefore, they are taking content marketing as an important marketing strategy and establishing the business

Through content marketing, they establish informational and educational content which will provide the audience with potential customers. It is not advertisement content, and it does not show any promotion. Content marketing materials come through blogs, how-to articles, white papers, and video content. These contents bring awareness about the business and products and lead the customers to like your products.

1. Dashboard data

A Data dashboard is something that makes the content marketing strategy purposeful. When you create the dashboard in a constructed form, you can see which content is performing well, and conversions also improve and even improve the content marketing strategy. It is a great system where all the contents stay in place, and they will get an instant report of the updates that will actually make a great difference in their work. They will see what is good or right and accordingly work on the dashboard for the perfect content marketing strategy. It ensures growth in the business as well.

2. Track and choose metrics and goals

You need to identify the audience dashboard and how to access the dashboard, and what decision you want to make to keep the dashboard decision properly. It is the first step that one must get the questions and even receive the answer from the dashboard. These questions will create the metrics that it can create to address the goals. 

In the content marketing dashboard, there are different approaches. The first dashboard will be available with an executive. So, it will help to evaluate all the performance of the contents. Secondly, a content manager or a writer needs this dashboard to check the content performance. With these two sections, the content understanding will be at different levels, and you can easily track the different metrics and precise answers to the questions. 

3. Measure content marketing ROI

The ROI measurement of content marketing is essential. It even creates and distributes excellent content with a book and article. Tracking the content is important to know how much conversion your content makes. This measurement interacts with the universe and makes the service logical.

4. Discuss content marketing dashboard for executives

For executives, there must be a content marketing dashboard that is high-level. It will be a concern with the pipeline, which will bring the visitors to pay customers. Ask yourself if content marketing and its strategy brings on revenue, and you need to invest more in the same. How you will compare with different marketing channels. At this level- you have to have the following metrics: –

Total page view

Content marketing needs to expand on the funnel top. It brings the additional eyes of your company you need to check the content times, and you can make the overall assessment of the reach of the content. 

Total visitors

You have to count the visitors’ numbers of the site, and it is also an activity of the overall metric. It is helpful to track and even get the best visitors of the customers. It even helps you get the potential of different page views and even makes the visitors valuable. 

Total leads

The content with call-to-action will get the visitors to become customers and get the user of the pipeline. It leads to Lead Generation. It collects visitors’ information and then collects to dig for the newsletter, which you can download with a good guide o even with white paper. You can get more leads with direct marketing and its efforts. 

Conversion rate Visitors: leads

It drives the lead number and the visitors’ number to make the leads in number and gives proper proportions. It will become a good indicator of the overall efficiency. 


Signing up for the trial service is also a tent marketing trick, especially with SaaS companies. It helps the customers understand the true potential and usefulness of the software. It helps them to convert into customers for the better good. 


The goal is to increase the number of customers; hence, one has to keep track of the full attribution, but it counts only up with new customers. It was influenced by the help of content you can use with user journeys.

Total revenue

Count the new customers with other sales metrics like total revenue that you can obtain value. There will be concrete measures and the value of the content business. It will create a different outlook of focused content marketing for executives. 

5. Discuss content marketing dashboard for a content manager

When the content is exposed to the creator, one needs to have details about all the specific categories with individual content pieces. The content manager will understand how and which content converts the visitors into customers. 

Rate pipeline metrics

The main pipeline components have a note for a high-level overview that will also be applicable for the content piece for individual servers. The metrics rate will be valuable, and accordingly, there will be a particular gateway to create the best content, which gives a high conversion rate with high activity. It has to have a low conversion rate.

Qualified leads

Visitors offer additional information, which leads to the trial where the information will define the identification and determine the customers’ conversion. One has to identify qualified leads, provide the best focus for proper additional marketing, and even offer sales effort. Track the qualified leads that will resonate with users and align with the company product. 

Time spending on the page

The engagement metrics will become deep and useful and calculate the average time on which the customers spend time on. It turns the engaging and relevant content into visitors. 

Bounce rate

The proportion of rate reports of the visitors will enter the page on the site and then leave without any click on the additional pages. If the bounce rate is too high, it can cause dangerous and even define visitors as not engaging. They will move further when there is a user with the pipeline.

View percentage on average

Video content runs on its metrics for engagement. The more the average, the more the view percentage. 

Social engagement metrics

Based on the content strategy, you can easily track the engagement of social media metrics. You can count the number of likes, delinking, and comments for each post, showing if a community building will be around the content. 

Click through rate

One can announce the new content through the mailing list and social media posts. One can track the rate at which the viewers will click and view the content that will indicate the message of the content and the ineffective way to bring people.


Suppose you want to design the dashboard of content marketing. In that case, you must focus on defining goals, picking up the KPIs and metrics, and picking the lightweight BI tool. To track the content marketing metrics, explore the metrics, pick the visualizations, and even add the metrics to the dashboard of content marketing and instantly track them.