Top 4 Reasons Why a “Big Fat Indian Wedding” is Not a Good Idea

You surely can show artistry in your Indian wedding cards, spend a little extra for an exotic honeymoon, or can save up and invest the money rather than spending it all on “big fat Indian wedding”. When you are all wise and rational with your decisions, why to choose such an “illogical” way to waste all the “hard-earned” money?

Here are some reasons, why a “big fat Indian wedding” is not a good idea:

Big Fat Indian Wedding” is Not a Good Idea"

1. Unnecessary draining of all savings

A big fat Indian wedding is going to cost you a “fortune”. Unfortunately, it’s the parents that bear the cost of this expensive event. You parents who have worked so hard for all their lives have to spend it all in one day if you go for “big fat Indian Wedding”.

Weddings are more about the celebration of love, wherein the bride and groom tie the knot and promise to love each other for the rest of their life. With something this pure and simple, why waste extra money on making it nothing but an “extravagant freak show”. In that amount, your parents can actually plan something more productive for them and even for you too.

2. Expensive “one-time wearable” wedding dress

Of course, growing up we all have had dreams of that perfect wedding attire. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it all for that resplendent wedding gown that will later collect dust at the back of your closet. Instead of spending so much for an “expensive wedding attire” on you big fat Indian wedding, choose something more minimalistic yet elegant.

You can wear your mother’s or granny’s wedding dress like a sweet “token of love”. Not only it will look good but will surely steal the “limelight”. After all, the entire “vintage” is the new trending, be it wedding apparels or traditional Indian wedding cards.

3. An “inconsequential” way to tie knot

Living in present is fine, but draining the future for living in present is absolute nonsense. Spending so much on something that lasts for a few days and fades away from memories after a few years is not a wise decision. People are not going to remember your” big fat Indian wedding” after a few days. So instead of spending on something that will please them, you can spend or invest in something for your own future.

Also organizing a wedding is not any less difficult. From contacting the caterers, the decorators, florists, venue owners, the people, and the cost will only add-up. Spending so much for something so inconsequential is surely a poor decision.

4. A crowded ceremony

Standing on the podium with the “plastic smile” on your face is tiring as hell. You surely are happy from within to marry the love of your life. You can have the man of your life, the elegant design for your wedding card, your family and friends and that’s it. Why invite all those people you don’t even know personally and spend all those extra bucks on additional simple “Indian wedding cards”. All they do is to come shamelessly to “binge eat” the food and later criticizing something or other.

The wedding is more of a celebration of you tying the knot and should be a more private function with close family members and friends. You can design and choose the best Indian wedding cards to send to those few near and dear ones. Inviting random acquaintance on your big fat Indian wedding is a total waste of money.

When you can finally cut out all stupid drama, with tying the knot with the love of your life, why add a big dose of it with a “big fat Indian wedding”?