Best bio-metric Gun safe review 2019-fingerprint gun safe guide

bio-metric Gun safe

A biometric gun safe is very small than a normal is very useful for travelling or home is designed to cover the handgun so you can easily access.

A biometric gun safe is easily useful for the fingerprints scanner. It’s verifying to opening. Few biometric gun safes can identify the 10 fingerprints or more. It is capable of even remember the 30 fingerprints.

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 Biometric fingerprint gun safes locks are advance feature are available in the current market. These systems allow a pre-programmed set of prints. When people can access to choose the valuables and firearm, when you are see to increase the feeling of spy-like your arsenal of technology, secure the little children in the home    

A best biometric Gun safe

#1.GunVault Speed Vault SVB500 

The gun vault speed vault is best biometric gun safe product are developed for reliable and safe entry with a touch of a finger; few do it with the speed and precision of the Speed vault SVD500 handgun safe.

Its external size measures the 6.5”*3.5”*13.the safe can be mounted in variety of positions but its compact size is allowed to simply concealment beneath a desk, in a drawer or mounted to the closed sidewall.

Its internal size measures the 2.25”*5.75”*8.5”with single drop-down drawer compartment with room for most handgun size.

 Biometrics system gives permission to register up to 120 user fingerprints. It’s divided between you and your family using each of your fingers in various positions and angles on the scanner. 


  • Nice build-in interior LED light
  • Fast and easy to access
  • Holds one standard-sized handgun
  • Simple mounted in any direction


  • Minimal security & not heavy-duty


As per the analysis, speed vault safe best biometric system its uses advanced algorithms which update the system’s fingerprint templates to reduce false entries and prevent break-ins.

#2.Barska Biometric large gun safe  

Sport watches and shooting glasses so Barska is one of the most famous brands in the sports optics industry  The extensive variety of monocular, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scope, metal detectors, flashlights, electro sights, loaded gears, trail cameras. 

It is a world-famous sport Optics Company, headquartered in Pomona. Its provides the grantee of the product with long durability.

Barska biometric safe outer dimensions are height*width*depth is 7.75*16.5*14.5 inches & inner dimensions are height*width*depth 7*16.25*12 inches.

The safe runs on 4AA batteries, its ability to store the 30various fingerprints, it make instant and silent way gain to operate your firearm 


  • Simple to utilize the locking mechanism
  • Tamper-resistant, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Save the capacity of 30 different fingerprints 
  • 3 pre-drilled holes & mounting hardware


  • Finger recognition  technology require to improve 


Barska is recognition and well develop products because flagship biometric safe is boosted their credibility. 

They also offer a variety of documents, vaults, biometrics, digital and portable safes, safe boxes, cosmetic and jewellery. You can easily store guns, rifles, documents, family memories and other valuables. 

Bottom line 

Hopefully, this valuable information is useful to you. If you see the biometric safes for your car or house so put these details are learned to good use.

Its provides more offers you the most features comes from professional manufacturer so it was incredibly reliable and strong locking system.