Find Top 7 Benefits of Android App Development

Android App Development

It is undeniable that the mobile app development market is growing at an exponential rate. Indeed, many companies appreciate that apps aid in reaching to a wider audience, and hence the achievement of goals.

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Approximately 50% of the world’s population own Smartphone devices and downloads apps on a regular basis. Even so, the platform used to create an app determines whether the move is worthwhile. It is for this reason that android app development is increasingly gaining popularity.

Android has taken a leadership position in app development world because:

1. Wide Reach Is Guaranteed

Android has managed to capture the market over the last five years. Users from different demographics are downloading the apps on a daily basis. Any mobile app developer using the platform will find a ready market.

Remarkably, most of the consumers are thrilled by the android apps because they are easy to install. They can be downloaded from any site. The apps can also be hosted on third party websites. With fewer restrictions and delays during the installation process, the users are left with few excuses of not making downloads.

In countries such as Europe and Asia where people speak different languages, developers are challenged to create apps that can meet the needs of the population. Android is the platform of choice in such instances.

2. It Is an Open Source

This is one of the distinguishing aspects on the android platform. The open source allows mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC to access it. Android devices are, therefore, valued all over the world. In fact, the popularity has surpassed that of expensive devices such as Blackberry and iOS. App developers cannot go wrong by using the platform.

3. Great Innovative Potential Is Encouraged

For anyone seeking to hire android app developer, they are assured of creativity and innovation in the final product. The policy for app development is flexible and hence, new ideas are encouraged. Offering an added value to the potential users is inevitable.

4. The Costs of App Development Are Reasonable

Most of the tools and systems on android are offered freely. The supporting hardware and devices are affordable while compatibility issues are minimal. Since the developer will reach to a wide audience, the per-user cost is reasonable.

While app developers pay approximately 10 dollars every year to Google store, it may cost at least 100 dollars annually to be published on App store. If anything, young companies hoping to find a freelancer app developer will not struggle. The strategy is particularly important with the consideration to the fact that going for a fully-fledged company can be costly for such ventures.

On the other hand, freelancers can offer quality services at a low cost. They are given a chance to enter into the market easily. All that is required is to register as developers, come up with an android package kit, and submit the application. Apps are also updated on Google play store whenever necessary.

5. It Is Easy and Quick To Develop the Apps

The open working model, coupled with flexibility offered on android, enables developers to create apps within a short time. The development community also comes in handy, providing all the information required in the process. Even better, the approval process is lenient.

The technologies utilized are easy to learn. Java, for instance, has been used by developers for a long time and as such, it is easy to get the necessary references. With this in mind, a company is offered a chance to develop apps within a short time and start making profit without a hassle.

6. Social Media Optimization Is Assured

Compared to other platforms, android is more suitable for developing social apps. This is important because businesses are now required to consider social media capabilities of an app in their marketing strategies. This is the only way some demographics such as high school and college students access products and services. Android apps can integrate with various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

7. Search Engine Optimization Rankings Are Boosted

Brand awareness is barely achieved without boosting SEO rankings. This means that a business must appear first on the search engines for potential clients to go to a site and buy products. A platform such as the Apple Store is closed to the extent that listings are closely analyzed.

The iOS downloads are unlikely to make contributions to the rankings. On the other hand, hosting an android app on Google play store will lead you to the indexing library. App views will easily convert to page views. Your ranking will increase in the ultimate.

To achieve all the benefits of android app development, you must:

  1. Focus on the user interface. The users must use the app easily and as such, clarity and simplicity is vital in the development process
  2. Research on the needs of your target audience. It is always important to find out the expectations that the potential users have on an app.
  3. Take advantage of the current technologies. The app developer should utilize new technologies to achieve desirable results efficiently.
  4. Test the performance. Before launching an app, there is a need to request your target audience to use it and offer you feedback. You will hence make improvements in time.

Certainly, you can never go wrong if you hire android app developer. The platform offers the flexibility, affordability, and efficiency needed in the process.