Know About 4 Advantages of Using 1d Scanners

1d Scanners

As technology is growing every day, there are multiple objects which we should start using for the betterment of our safety and security. One of those objects is a scanner. There are various scanners available in the market. There are many uses of such scanners, like scanning fingerprint for attendance, scanning bar code to know about product details, entering into websites, or making payments.

D and 1d scanners are very famous, which you can try because it has many advantages. So here are a few things which you should before you buy a scanner for yourself. In this blog, you know the Advantages of Using Scanners|1d Scanners. Below we show you few steps which help you buy the right barcode.May be this blog helps you understand the barcode scanning process.

1. Data storage

The D scanner is mainly used to read the width and spacing of encoded data and then the UPC signal to get by any grocery items. The barcode will get longer as you enter more data into it. But in the case of d scanner, you have to go through a point that has square, rectangle, hexagons. It has the capability of reading information which has some shapes.

This 2d scanner can read that kind of code that has too much crucial knowledge in it. So, here you can see the difference. The 1d scanner can only read the alphanumeric, whereas the 2d scanner can read binary, website URLs, and much more long information implemented in a code. 

3. Easy scanning

This advantage is only for 2d scanners. The bard closed can be aligned in any direction vertically, horizontally. Suppose you put your scanner in it. It will quickly read the code for you. But in the case f a 1D scanner, the user has the help it in the right direction with which it can read the scanner from the top. It is more advantageous when a customer is self-checking out their products from a shop. 1d scanner will take time if he is not holding it correctly. 

3. Data encryption

The case of barcodes that have encrypted data in them can be scanned by the 1d scanner. In this case, the user will only access what they have; for example, you can make a code where the consumer will only access the payment portal. No added information will be provided in it. But in the case of 2D bar code, you can quickly get into the section of too many pieces of information. The 2d scanner will lead you to a different application if you want. That is the main difference. If you are making such barcodes, you will need a smart barcode printer for yourself. It is better not to try that in your ordinary personal printer. 

4. Usages

Now let’s get into the most proper uses of it. If you are running a company, you can implement a barcode scanner at your office entrance. Then sync the barcode reader with the smart lock of the lift or the main door. Whenever someone comes inside the office, they have to scan his id card, which will hold the employee information in it. In this way, you can avoid trespassing in your office.

You can also use that in the shops where the customer can scan the product barcode and then pay the amount of the product before getting out of the shop. As they have paid, disable the bar code visibility from the system. These can help you to prevent shoplifting. If anyone goes out without paying the amount, the alarm will trigger. 


These are few things which you should before you start working or have planning to buy such things. These things are electronics, so try to avoid fake products. It will be a good option if you read all the public reviews before ordering them online. If you are a barcode maker, then try to use an authentic barcode printer. If you have any queries so comment us on given below comment section, we are always ready to respond to you. Feel free to contact us. Hope so you learn new things from this blog. Read more blogs on this website for more information and increase the knowledge.