7 Easy Ways to Search and Find Best Job

Search and Find Best Job

Job searching is not easy, and these days you may find yourself competing with hundreds of other candidates over a handful of jobs. This can make it a long and arduous process. With better organisation, you’ll stand a chance of getting hired quicker. Here are seven easy ways to organize your search.

1. Make a schedule

Firstly, make sure that you know what to do and when. Create a schedule for yourself which tells you when you should be looking for jobs, when you should be applying to them, and when you should be following up in any cases when you don’t hear back from an interview. Think of your job search as a job in itself – you need to be disciplined and show up every day to see results.

2. Sign up for alerts

Make sure that you sign up for job alerts on any job board you might be looking at. This will guarantee that you get an email immediately when a job you might be interested in pops up. You can get the edge on your competition and beat any other candidates to the punch!

3. Create a spreadsheet

Set up a spreadsheet which details your job applications. List out who you emailed, what the job title was, when you sent your application in, and what response you got – if any. You can also include other relevant details such as salary or location. This will help you to see which positions you have applied for, when you can expect a response, and how many of your applications are still being considered.

4. Set up an online calendar

You can also use an online calendar, such as Google’s free tool, to organise your search. Note down when you applied for positions, when the job listing closes, the dates and times for any interviews you may have, and so on. This will ensure you don’t miss out on any interviews because you are too disorganized to keep track of everything.

Find Best Job

5. Save your searches

If you are searching for the same jobs over and over again, make sure to save your search with the requisites you need. Having a pre-set search page which offers the location, job title, and even salary will make searching daily a lot quicker. You can simply click on one link and then check the results, rather than setting up all of the variables one by one. Some job boards will allow you to save searches; in other cases you may simply want to bookmark your search results. Give the page a refresh or reload, and the site will resend your query, giving you fresh results each time.

6. Create separate resumes

Since you are hunting for a job, there may be several positions that you want to consider. Many jobs can be categorised in more than one way. If you were a marketing manager in your last position, for example, you may want to apply for jobs as a PR manager, a social media manager, or so on. Create a new resume for each of these types of job that showcases your skills in that particular niche. This way, you can easily send out the right resume for each opening.

7. Draft a cover letter

Create a draft cover letter which you can save to your files. Leave gaps for personalised messages about the company or role you are applying for. This way you don’t have to type everything out each time.

Follow these seven tips, and your job search will not only be organised – it might just be shorter!