Zostavax and Its Side Effects

Image Credit: Immunizationinfo

There are hundreds of diseases that are known to men. Still many are unknown. People all over the world are facing new diseases. Due to this the manufacturing of prescription drugs had picked up the pace. The pharmaceutical business is one of the most growing businesses in the business world. A simple invention of a drug can change the life of a person and his descendants. Prescription drugs are as harmful as the other drugs that are usually found on the street such as cocaine. A drug prescribed by the doctor if taken in the wrong quantity or quality may cause severe health issues and in some causes leads to the death of the person.

Our body responds differently to different drugs. If the same drug is given in the same quantity and at the same time to two people who are infected with the same virus then their bodies might react to the drug differently. One might be cured and the other might be infected with a side effect. Thus it is unlikely to know how one’s body with react to a certain drug. All the drugs that are used to cure diseases are dangerous when not needed which is why it is clearly mentioned on the bottle or the packet to keep it out of the reach of children and to use it on doctor’s orders. For examples dangerous drugs like Zostavax are used to cure Herpes zoster, which is a disease similar to chickenpox that affects people who are 50 or above 50. It is caused by the same virus as chicken pox, varicella, and can be fatal. To prevent this from happening the individuals are given a vaccine of Zostavax which contains weak varicella live virus.

The people’s immune system fights the virus and makes itself immune to the virus. But as it is highly beneficial it also has many side effects just like all other vaccines. Certain measure must be taken before the vaccine is injected into the blood stream of the individual. The person must not be infected with a sever diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS OR HIV, any thing that makes him immune system weak. The dose of the vaccine must be clearly measured as if injected with more amount of vaccine can actually cause the individual to get infected with the virus as his immune system would be unable to fight so many virus bodies at the same time.

A person can be allergic to the vaccine as well which would result in severe allergic reactions so the individual must tell the doctor about all of his allergies before getting the vaccine. The individual might feel nauseous; have headaches, diarrhea or respiratory disorders as a result of the vaccine.  No drug is perfect. They all have side effects but it is a small price to pay for getting a vaccine against something as dangerous as Herpes Zoster that might be fatal due to the weak immune system in old age.

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