How To Write A Custom College Essay Based On An Article

Write A Custom College Essay

Essay writing requires major research skills; article analysis is the most common type in this category which has an introduction, a few paragraphs for the main body, and a conclusion. For your information, every essay must have a well-informed statement thesis to get the readers psyched up on what is coming up with a well-researched procedure to support it.

Doing research and taking notes

First, you are required to take notes as you read the article, reading it more than once is okay but always remember to put down some note. It enables you to grasp the whole article easily with less stress. Highlight important phrases in the article and think about what you are reading and why was it written.

You should look at the sources from which the article was written from by visiting your library or doing a thorough search on the online database, remember to keep track of your references. Seeking out other sources aside from using the article only enables you to at least dig deeper on what the article is really about

For a custom college essay based on the article, you need to point out the article’s strengths and weaknesses, using a logic explanation try to understand the article’s perspective and form your own opinion on it.

Before writing

By formulating your thesis statement it will help you summarize all your thoughts, it also helps you get the whole point of the essay. Always remember to revisit your thesis when you are fully done with your essay for any necessary changes. About three or four points must be constructed to support your thesis, which would eventually turn out to be your essays paragraph.

This custom college essay will require at least one quote from the article or the research you just carried out. Be sure to note down your references on each quote to prevent plagiarism cases.

Writing then editing

Find a topic of your custom college essay then begin working on the introductory part, using your thesis statement try to formulate the last sentence of your paragraphs. From your research include the relevant information concerning the article; the topic sentences will help you come up with at least more than one supporting paragraph. The topic sentence not only helps to create a paragraph but also helps to summarize it.

Coming up with a conclusion is not hard and does not require a lot of sentences, maybe three to four lines. The conclusion sums up the whole essay information and ideas while giving you an overview and perspective on the topic, and also used as a reinforcement with your thesis statement.

Getting a second opinion definitely not a bad thing, even best-selling authors opt for this method. After proofreading your essay give it to someone to help you go through it and point out some of the mistakes on it for you to rectify them. It is your paper; hence if you decide not to rectify the mistakes it is still alright, but remember will still be wise to adhere to the suggested opinions either from your family or friends.

In conclusion, remember to avoid the usage of the informal word to prevent disqualification. Essay writing may be tiresome and cumbersome, but looking on the brighter side it will help you secure a better future by getting you enrolled in your dream college. Better start preparing early least time catches up with you, use correct English and before submitting your essay run a spell check on it and check your grammar and punctuation. Remember, essay writing is a slow process that requires a lot of thought and evaluation it is not only about meeting the deadline.

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