Wrapped Surprise in 2017 For All the Cyclist

2017 is about to end but before that, the year has a great surprise for the cyclists all over the world. With a number of bike sales going up in the market, the companies have started making things, which a cyclist needs in the city roads or mountains or any of their cycling trips.

So, here is the list of the best helmets to go with your bikes during your excursions. These are the best thing this year has to offer you. Be it style, comfort, safety or look, the list has covered them all. There is no doubt that you will find one or many for yourself here.

#1. Tand Heritage Collections: Do you have interest in a vintage collection? If your answer is yes, then buddy, this one is the right choice for you. After a long time, “Thousand heritage collection” has come with a vintage style helmet with a matte finish. The helmet has magnetic buckle straps to secure it properly on your head. The manufacturer has been thoughtful, as the leather used in the helmet is vegan-friendly. Hence, they have covered their bases from all sides for all type of bike sales. Apart from these, it also has around seven vents to offer proper cooling to the head. You also have choices in terms of colors and sizes.

#2. POC Tectal: Unique is their specialty and it is visible in their latest introduction of helmets. With the increase in the stylish bike sales, the company has come up with stylish helmets to go with them. Moreover, this latest design is as amazing as it comes. It is sort of cubist shape and has around 15 vents to keep the head cool. The helmet is designed to keep you safe even during your adventurous rides. It even supports a place to secure your goggles at the back. What else you need. The variety of colors is large as compared to any other helmet available in the market.

#3. Bell Super 3R MIPS Women’s: The study is showing that the number of women in bike sales is getting better day by day. Hence, they need their own accessories. So, now the women have something, which is made only for them in regard to bike accessories. It is a full-face helmet for women, which have the option of removable chin support. The helmet is lightweight, which offers it more durability during the excursions. The helmet has as many as 23 vents to avoid shredding in the hot weather. It also has a point of view camera, which helps you in capturing your adventure side.

#4. Bontrager Velocis: This particular helmet is designed specifically for road driving so keep it away from your adventure streak. The helmet has several features, which keep the moisture away along with keeping your head cool. The company offers one-year crash replacement system, after following certain terms and conditions. Overall, the helmet has a lot more to offer to those who drive in the heat and need something, which can keep them away from heat but also secure.

#5. Giro Synthe: Giro Along with Synthe is a head set to introduce a new range of helmets, which are stylish, have looked, and ready to be worn on any type of the road. Well, the first one from the series is here. The helmet is designed to support the owner on any kind of road during their traveling excursion. The helmet offers a great deal too in aerodynamic with regards to bike ride. There are vets to offer coolness, easy to use straps to protect the head and a lot more in terms of security and comfort.

Hope you like the above-mentioned information about different helmet used with bike rides. Go through this link to get more information.

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