Top Reasons Why Should You Learn “C” Language?

Learn “C” Language

The world we live in today has become tech savvy. Right from a child to an aged person at the fag end of his life, technical gadgets have invaded everyone’s life. It is Software programming that has done this revolution of making millions of people dependent on such electronic gadgets. There are many programming languages used to create softwares. ‘C’ is one of the oldest programming languages that have been in existence for many decades now.

While many recent day programmers argue that ‘C’ is not really required for anyone to become a good programmer, there are many who recommend that knowledge of ‘C’ is a must. Let us have a look at factors that substantiate why you should learn ‘C’ language.

Reasons why you should learn ‘C’

  • A thorough knowledge of ‘C’ is a must for those Software Developers who are into writing low level or mid level codes. So if you are one who write low or mid level codes, you must learn ‘C’.
  • If you are one who writes high level codes, then you have to know ‘C’ to have your basics strong.
  • Passing values by reference, data types and pointers are some of the key concepts in programming. Knowledge of ‘C’ helps Software Engineers to handle these concepts with ease irrespective of the level of programming they are involved in.
  • Learning ‘C’ is comparatively an easy task which will value add to any programmer during all stages of his career. This is mainly because ‘C’ is one of the oldest programming languages available due to which umpteen tutorials and leaning material are available in the net and in real time. All possible errors in programming with ‘C’ have been made and solutions found for each one of them. This makes the life of a learner easy to understand the language inside out
  • ‘C’ being an ancestral language due to its age has many concepts like variable types, loop constructs, argv and argc which are found in other modern day programming languages. This will create a comfortable environment between Software Engineers some of whom may know ‘C’ and some others who are not familiar with the same
  • Many modern day programming languages look up at ‘C’ for reference since it acts as the basic dictionary for programming languages
  • When compared to the modern day programming languages that are considered a level higher than ‘C’, the proximity of ‘C’ with the computer is high. This enables understanding the concepts of networking in an easy manner which is still vague in modern day programming languages. This is automatically realized when Software Engineers work with techniques like bits, bytes and pointers which are used for optimization. ‘C’ offers a different level of optimization capabilities when compared to the newer programming languages
  • Education Institutes which teach Computer Science insist their tutors teach ‘C’ since without venturing in to the nitty-gritty of ‘C’ which teaches what is what from the basics no knowledgeabout programming is complete
  • For Software Engineers who wants to have fun writing more than a simple web application, ‘C’ is the best choice.
  • ‘C’ may be one of the oldest programming languages. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best choices to write codes for fast paced games which are storming the gaming industry today
  • ‘C’ is not just another language but such a powerful one which enables a Software Engineer to write a complete Operating system

All the above substantiates why you should learn ‘C’ language even if you know higher levels languages of the modern day. Learn ‘C’ and get your basics right.

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