Why Promoting Content On Facebook By Paying Is A Smart Strategy?

Everyone knows Facebook Ads … or almost. For established businesses, it is the fastest and most efficient way to get leads and, above all, customers.

But what if you are not at this point yet, because you lack digital skills and / or you have not yet captured your first client?

If this is your case, there is a valid alternative to achieve greater visibility without complicating your life too much.

It’s about paying Facebook to boost your content , and thus achieve a greater reach than what Facebook gives you without paying, in an organic way.

Why is it interesting to promote content on Facebook with money

Everything is related to the number of people who see your posts. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm, known as EdgeRank, only shows your posts to 5% of the people who follow your page. The rest do not know what you post.

Also, you should know that using a personal account (profile) is not intended for professional use, so Facebook limits the number of friends you can have to 5,000.

Taking into account that, on the one hand Facebook limits the percentage of impacts of your publications, and on the other, that the profiles are not prepared for professional use, the only option we have is to promote content on Facebook with money.

Why? Because Facebook obviously wants you to pay to give your posts much more visibility.

These are the advantages of using this type of promotion on Facebook:

  • It’s instantaneous: you set up a few sections and, as soon as you give it to pay, it instantly starts promoting your publication.
  • You control what you invest: you can start from as little as $1 / day.

What are the main differences between promoting paid content on Facebook, and Facebook Ads?

The promotion of paid content is very easy to develop, to promote, and also, it is almost instantaneous.

While Facebook Ads requires the use of the Business Manager, the configuration of the ads, more budget and more skills to manage the campaigns on a daily basis …

It is obviously much more powerful and offers more advanced options such as remarketing or similar audiences, among others. In addition to this, the daily investment is larger, starting from $ 5 / day.

Promoting paid content on Facebook is a simple first step, to make your content known when you barely have an audience and you can invest from € 20 to € 40 per campaign.

Case 1: If you already have 1000 fans, how to use your community as a test bed?

The strategy that we are going to follow is very simple.

What we are going to do is publish a post on your Fan Page with a call to action in which you either offer a Lead Magnet in exchange for leaving their emails in the comments, or in which you directly offer the link to a Landing Page, where they can schedule a 1 to 1 call with you (free discovery or diagnostic session).

And finally we are going to boost it with FB advertising to get more audience and more leads, quickly.

Yes, we are talking about paid advertising, although not in large quantities, don’t worry. ????

These are the steps that you will have to follow for a whole month:

  1. We will publish at least 3 posts a week.
  2. Obviously, you will have to write from different angles with some fantastic creativity using a fancy font generator so as not to hate your audience and to be able to detect what works best.
  3. At the end of the month, you will have to analyze all the publications and detect the 2 or 3 best posts and push them.

If you have a group on FB, you can use it. And as a reinforcement, also publish everything you publish on the Fan Page or the group on your profile.

This way you can maximize the reach of your posts.

Case 2: I hardly have any fans at the moment

Well, in this case, you will have to pay to create your tribe on Facebook. You will go faster.

Create a post and boost it with money.

In this case, you can boost the interaction of your posts, which will come in handy to grow your audience. Your goal is to get 1000 fans “engaged”, participatory and connected with your content.

I hope you really Got my points please keep vising form more marketing blogs.

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