Why Design Is So Crucial In watch Merchandising?

Every jewelry store owner targets making his store a brand that can attract clients from far and wide. This is only achievable if the jewelry and display are selected carefully. If your display is carefully organized, a passerby can be attracted and turned to a buyer. The store owner must also get it right on displays, showcases, props, cases, and fixtures. More importantly, the store owner must work on the jewelry design.

Every store should have jewelry placed in a unique design to draw the attention of the buyer and create an emotional connection. The focus is ensuring that every piece on display looks elegant and unique. For example, some pieces of jewelry are dedicated to ladies and should, therefore, have special and unique designs. Think of it this way; a lady who loves a specific jewelry will not feel very happy if she gets a similar piece worn by another woman. This is where the design comes to play.

Use the design to drive the uniqueness of every item 

Now, because you want to sell an item to different people, you must adopt the right design. Merchandising becomes the art of selling the jewelry using varying methods and guaranteeing users a different yet highly satisfying impact. You must, therefore, learn to sell the jewelry from varying points that clients can choose from.

One thing that happens in every store is a client entering and getting attracted to the watch display of the prettiest merchandise. However, many end up deciding not to buy because they are referred as high-end. High-end is interpreted to mean expensive. The client will look for alternative pieces displayed in the neighboring shelves.

Only 1 out of the 10 clients buys the merchandise labeled high-end. About 9 out of 10 will look for pieces located next to the expensive pieces. As a luxury merchandise stockiest, you have to master this design to capture as many buyers as possible.

High activity lighting

This is a type of accent lighting, but it can be used on a larger area. While the accent lighting is used to focus on a specific jewelry item, the high activity lighting can focus on clusters of jewelry.

This means that you do not want the shopper to simply look at a single item, but a complete array of jewelry. Note that though every item matters a lot, it is important to only focus the high activity area on a specific section of the store.

Ambient lighting

To start a jewelry store, it is very important to understand about ambient lighting. This is a form of lighting that focuses on a large section of the store to draw the attention of the shoppers.  By focusing light on a particular section, it is easy to tell clients about a new item on display and have them thinking about it. Because the lighting illuminates a large section, it is very important to pick it with extra caution to avoid changing the colors and special effects of jewelry.

In the jewelry marketing, every storekeeper should work on using lighting to bring out the strong points of every item and make it more appealing. Remember that you should regularly review the impact of lighting by taking a client view point and changing regularly to match varying themes.

Create a story for every jewel 

One great way of getting more from the store using the design is telling a story about every piece. Every collection should capture the greatness of specific people and their impact on the society. You could also capture and give names to collections so that users can get a bigger attachment with them.

Just like your store jewelry is given different names, you should also market using different methods to capture their uniqueness. Remember that this should trickle to every part of the marketing up to packaging.

The greatest mistake that jewelers and store owners make when working on design is selling all sorts of jewelry items. While getting a variety is very positive, you do not need to overexploit it. Always remember that no specific design is ideal for all stores. You should look for the designs that appeal to your target client with better results.

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