Which Materials Are Used In Crafting Stone Handicrafts?

Crafting Stone Handicrafts

Since the stonework looks very easy but it’s not. Stone handicrafts take a lot of time and creativity. Let’s explore the materials that are included in stone work.


Craftsmen utilize a lot of mechanical devices to get fine subtleties and to diminish an opportunity to make the item. Drills are utilized to cut out fine collapsing of the articles of clothing and other outward appearances. Fundamentally modern machine devices are utilized, as they are tough and safe. 


This is utilized for smoothening the unpleasant edges, at whatever point required. 


Stone filers are utilized to record the surfaces. These records come in different evaluations of harshness. 

Polishing Machine: 

This is utilized for at long last smoothening/cleaning the surface. It has rings of sewed materials of various evaluations of fineness. 

Aari (Saw): 

This is utilized for cutting the stone sections into the necessary sizes. 


These are colossal machines used to make roundabout, tube-shaped, or hemispherical stone items. 

Prakaar (Compass): 

Compass is utilized for making blemishes on the stone surface. 


A Scale is utilized for estimating and checking. 

Right Angle: 

This is utilized to make ideal points on the stone for making cuboids or 3D shapes. 


The brush is utilized for cleaning the stone powder which gathers on the external surface of the sculpture while cutting out subtleties. 


This is utilized to overwhelm the stone residue from the sculpture particularly from those parts where the brush can’t reach or when residue gathers on the internal pieces of the sculpture. 

Pencil or Markers: 

Pencils and markers are utilized to draw harsh layouts on the stone before the etching cycle begins. 

Elastic Pipe: 

This is utilized to gracefully water to the stone and machine while the boring work happens. Water helps in forestalling the residue to fly. 

 Raw Materials: 

Jaipur is the focal point of marble longing for in the state. The crude materials utilized in stone cutting are as per the following: 

Safed Pathar (White Marble): 

Marble is the primary crude material and is accessible in numerous shades and characteristics across Rajasthan. Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Udaipur speak to the center of marble in the state. The best quality marble in the nation is mined at Makrana. They are mined as large rocks. The nature of the marble is characterized by its whiteness and thickness. The less permeable marble is more unrivaled in quality and subsequently more costly. 

Since the best of the marbles are traded so the craftsmen have moved to different choices. They utilize an excessively white stone acquired from Vietnam. This stone is imported to Rajasthan and afterward, the craftsmen get it from enormous providers/merchants. The rate begins from 1 lakh/ton and increments with the fineness and quality. Craftsman’s purchase marble from Alwar, Makrana, or Ambaji. 

Acrylic or Oil Paints: 

Compound tones are utilized to paint botanical examples on the items as a substitute for gold, silver, and other valuable stones. 

Valuable stones: 

A great deal of beautiful valuable stones is utilized for trim work. These stones are cut and the trim work is finished by the craftsmen themselves. 

Regional (Sandpaper): 

Sandpaper is utilized for smoothening/cleaning the unpleasant surface to give the last contacts to the cut pieces. 

Geru (Red Soil): 

This is utilized for checking on the marble while wrapping up. When the item is completed it is scoured and washed off.

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