What’s So Trendy About Free Standing Heavy Bag That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Have you ever gotten worn-out from running and jogging exercise? Have you sensed that your lower body strength already has ample and your upper body strength looked-for more work? In that case, free standing punching bag is a worthy activity for you to get started with, additionally it can also the best alternate of jogging routine.

Best for workout routine:

The free standing punching bag is a good way to start the workout routine, and buying one can be the good investment in terms of your health. It can be considered outstanding boxing equipment because unlike the stationary boxing bags that just hang on one exact location, it can be easily rolled around to where you need them. This bag has sufficient padding to the point that will not hurt your knuckles even when you are not wearing any gloves for boxing.

Best for sports:

This bag can be a great investment not only in terms of your getting into the great sport of boxing, but also because it is your health that’s on the line. In the long run, this punching bag can also be used for other sports such as karate and taekwondo.

Self-contained base:

And the self-contained base is also a best feature that has been designed with the perfect balance. You can put both sand or water inside and even with every punch and kick delivered, you can be sure that it will stay straight, regardless of the force or power you give out.


Another great factor with a free standing heavy bag is that they are adjustable. Or if you have several children of different ages, and you train as well, all of you can use it without any problem at all.

No chains or hook:

There are no chains or hooks to get tangled. You do not need any extra hardware to mount a free standing bag. You do not have to find an everlasting place to hang it. That is right once you hang a standard bag that is where it will stay until you decide to take it down for good. Punching bag with stand can be setup in a matter of minutes and you can start your training routine.

Just remove the cap from the base and fill it with either sand or water and you’re ready to go. When you are done with your workout, simply tilt the bag on its side and roll it out of the way. This space saving feature alone is worthy. You can get your workout and your punching bag will not take up any valuable floor space.

If you require a bag that can endure heavy punishment standing up and on the ground, then the Turner MAX Free standing Bag is up to the task. Although a heavy blow can indeed knock it over even with its sand packed base, it will pop right back up for some more, so it’s better suited for speed and volume rather than power when it’s in a standing position. The best thing about this bag is that it can easily be moved around to turn any space into a workout domain.

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