What Kind of Designations You Can Get in Airline Industry?

The aviation industry is the fastest emerging industry in the world. Every candidate has a dream to fly high in the cloud; anyone can make their dream come true by making their career in Airline. A career in this industry is fascinating and exciting. It opens the numerous career options for young candidates. Aviation jobs are available both in government and in private sector. It is considered as the most responsible and reputed profession.

This job is best suited for the candidates who can take care of the needs of passengers. A candidate must have a graduate degree in aeronautical engineering. It is 3-years certification course as well as candidates can pursue a 1-year diploma in this. Candidate must have good communication skill, pleasant personality and must have good knowledge of Hindi, English or other languages.

Many institutes in India which offer aviation courses also have placement cell which is best for fresher candidates. Jobs in this industry provide a number of benefits as well as offer a good salary package. Youngsters are the one, who are most attracted towards making their career in aviation industry.

Different job designations in Airline:

1. Commercial Pilot: by working as a commercial pilot, you’ll fly passengers on long or short flights for commercial purposes. They collect all the information of the route, weather, and passengers. One can easily earn up to 12 lakh to 15 lakh per annum. For becoming a pilot firstly you need to take full training, after completion of training program one can easily get a commercial pilot license.

2. Air Hostess: Air hostess knew as a flight attendant. Their responsibility is serving meals and drinks to others and also tells them safety procedures. They also perform administrative duties for their captains and employers. Airhostess can earn average annual salary package of 8 to 9 lakh. They must have a pleasant personality and good communication skills for making a successful career in this.

3. Aviation Doctors: They are responsible to provide the healthcare services to passengers as well to pilots. A flight physician is a part of an air medical staff that is highly trained in medical. They assist the pilots with FAA medical issues. They need to clear some courses in medical to get a job of aviation doctor. Aviation doctors can easily earn up to 5 lakh to 6 lakh per annum.

4. Air traffic control: The duty of Air traffic controller is to maintain the security as well as the orderly movement of aircraft down the length of the most important air routes and around airports by providing pilots with instructions and advice on the speed, height, and course. A candidate can earn approx. 60,000 per month.

Expect all these candidates can get the post of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Flight Pursuer etc. After completion of degree program or training, you can easily apply for the Airline jobs in companies like Kingfisher, Sahara India, Jet Airways, Deccan Airlines, Trans Asian Aviation, Indian Airlines and Indian International Airlines etc. There are a number of portals available which offers well-paid job posts. Seekers can easily apply for the job in their interesting job profile through these portals.

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