What is the difference between crowns and veneers?

One of the greatest benefits of today’s world is the “n” number of options we have. Dental care is no different. There are a lot of dental restoration treatment options that it’s easy to get them confused with each other. Over the last few years, two identical dental treatments have become increasingly in-demand – crowns and veneers.The two restoration treatments vary in their design, purpose and others. This article explains the differentiation between crowns and veneers, based on a few factors.

What are crowns?

Crowns are used to cover the tooth’s structure. Dental crowns can metal and non-metal crowns. Metal crowns are made using gold, chromium, chrome cobalt, porcelain and others. Non-metal crowns are of 3 types – anterior, zirconia or zirconia premium. It can also be a combination of any of these. They protect the tooth from damage and also enhance the tooth appearance based on the material chosen.

What are veneers?

Veneers can be made of porcelain or composite resin material. Unlike crowns, they cover only one side of the tooth’s surface. They instantly cover the visible portion of the tooth and hide all the imperfections. They are mainly used to fix cosmetic issues.


A dental crown is a cap that fits over the tooth and covers the entire tooth’s structure. It is the most preferred way to restore a tooth that is badly broken or damaged due to an accident or decay. It is also used to support a bridge and cover dental implants. Crowns are stronger restorations than veneers which can be used to make significant tooth changes.

Veneers are mostly used to fix cosmetic issues such as stained teeth, chipped teeth or crooked teeth. They can make minor changes to the shape of the tooth and can change the color of the tooth.

Process and placement

If you need a dental crown, your dentist will examine the damage to the tooth and then find ways how to adjust the tooth shape. Your dentist will first reduce the size of your tooth to bring it to the appropriate shape and size. Then he will take an impression of the tooth and send it to the lab for the cap to be made. Till you get a permanent crown you need to wear temporary one.

The process of placing the veneers is similar to dental crown. The dentist removes a thin layer of the enamel from the tooth and places temporary veneers. It takes about 7 to 10 days to get the permanent veneers. The permanent veneers will be placed only after the gums heal completely.


As an alternative to dental implants which offers immediate teeth replacement, dental crowns and veneers are cost-effective dental restorative treatment. The cost of a dental crown varies based on the material used, the location and the dentist you visit. The price ranges from 4000 to 20000 Rs.

The cost of veneers depends on the dentist you choose, number of veneers required and the type of veneers. The cost can range from 5000 to a whopping 20000.


Crowns are very strong and durable which can last from 5 years to 15 years or more. Veneers are strong but fragile and typically lasts for 10 to 15 years.

Which one should you choose?

If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, you can choose between dental crowns and veneers. Contact a dentist to have a thorough examination and discuss your preferences so that your dentist will provide you with a customized treatment plan. Soorya dental care in Karaikudi, the best dental implant centre offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments at an affordable cost.  Dr.T.K.Prabhu along with his team of highly experienced and qualified dentists offer world-class dental treatments using the latest equipment and technologies. Contact them now to get best-in-class dental treatment.

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