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What is Phishing Attack and How to Stay Safe on The Internet

Phishing is a form of online identity theft in which attackers or fraudsters trick online visitors to submit their personal details to improper websites. These attackers try to convince the users through valid and familiar brand name. This way, the user end up submitting their personal details, money or even their data and files which may infect the computer. Such type of phishing attacks appears in the form of spam & popup that are often difficult to detect. These attacks can result in emails, text or even through phone calls.

Once the attackers obtain your personal details then they can use it for any identity theft. So it’s essential to become familiar to several types of phishing attacks. Here we are listing down its types as well as how to stay safe from it. Have a look:

Common Phishing Attacks

Top phishing techniques used by attackers

Embedding a specific link in an email, installation of a Trojan via malicious email attachment, spoofing of sender’s address in email & impersonating a popular company’s vendor and attempting to get control on personal information through phone and requesting sensitive information to them,

You can secure your desktop using firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and spam filters. Install it in your system and update all of them regularly. This way, it can protect you brom any spam attack.

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