What Are The Healing Stones? Spiritual Benefits Of Healing Stones

Do you know how to improve your psychic life with the help of gems? In this article we explain it to you.

Steps to follow:

1 The Olivine is the stone of happiness. It is used to express justice, love and affection towards others. Provides support in difficult times, depression or mood decay.

2 The Tiger Eye is recommended for very introverted people. It helps them strengthen their character. Improves self-esteem and inner strength.

3 Larimer. A stone very used to strengthen ties between the heart and the mind and encourage creativity. A mineral very used in stages of change, since it helps to assimilate and face new and / or difficult situations.

4 The JaspeSardo is the stone of intelligence. Used among the winners as it helps to express without fears and with complete security. Very effective to overcome melancholy.

5 The Garnet favors creativity and self-confidence. It is considered the stone of value. It helps increase sexual capacity.

6 The Calcite is known as stone purification. Relax and generate energy in the environment in which it is located.

This article is merely informative, in a COMO we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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7 Amethyst. Energy, balance and spirituality

Amethyst is a mineral of magmatic and hydrothermal origin. It forms in veins with solutions rich in iron oxides, which give it its characteristic purple color at temperatures below 300 ° C. The most common is to find the amethyst by covering the interior of agates in the form of geodes, sometimes gigantic.

They can also be found in the form of druse (crystals that cover the surface of a stone) or in veins, accompanied by other minerals.

The name ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek amethysts (not drunk), since this stone was considered a potent antidote against drunkenness.

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus, god of wine and debauchery, wanted a maiden named Amethyst’s, who wished to remain chaste. The goddess Artemis listened to her prayers, and transformed the woman into a white rock.

Amethyst has been known for thousands of years, since in ancient Egypt it was used to create jewelry, personal stamps and carvings. In the middle Ages, Christianity adopted the amethyst as a symbol of renunciation of earthly goods and chastity.

The amethyst also symbolizes divine wisdom. Amethyst is a crystalline stone of the family of quartz, so it has the powers of this, above all, the ability to polarize positive energy. In addition, it has been considered the stone of balance, in all planes, physical, mental and spiritual.

The amethyst then provides: energy, balance and spirituality.


Ask a gem therapy professional for advice to guide you in your specific case.

Keep your stones in an optimal state and then use them.

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