Walk In Shower Enclosure

Walk In Shower Enclosure – Things You Need to Know About

In recent years, walk-in showers have become very popular. Either you are building a new house or want to renovate an old bathroom; a walk in shower enclosure is the top choice. And there are good reasons for it too!

A walk-in shower is way more functional and safer as compared to a standard shower or a bathtub. Although walk-in showers offer immense benefits for its user, it has a few drawbacks as well. But these drawbacks can be overcome with some creative and customized installation. 

Walk In Shower Enclosure

Advantages of A Walk In Shower Enclosure

Elegant and modern walk-in showers that blend effortlessly with the rest of the bathroom have several advantages:

1.Easy access 

It is easily accessible because there is no curb or a door to hinder mobility. It is great for wheelchair users, so it appeals to more people.


It gives your bathroom a luxurious feel and adds value to the mind of a potential buyer if you are planning to sell your house.

3.Décor options

There are so many styles to choose from. You can find a décor very easily that suits your needs.

4.Use of space

Walk in shower enclosure can fit in any sized bathroom beautifully. If you choose a small shower unit in a large enough bathroom, it allows you to add additional storage to your bathroom.

5.Easy to clean

Easy access makes it easy to clean the shower walls. And as all water drains out, there is no danger of residue build-up.

How to Deal with Drawbacks of walk in shower enclosure?

Everything that has advantages comes with a few disadvantages as well. Here are some tips to overcome them.

1.Slipping hazard 

Standing and walking on a wet floor can make one slip and fall. But this issue can be solved by placing an anti-slip shower mat on the floor.

2. Not suitable for kids’ bath

You cannot bathe your kid without getting yourself wet in the shower. You can use a portable tub to overcome this obstacle.

3.High moisture and humidity

Humidity from a hot shower can make everything damp and moist. Install a powerful exhaust fan to get rid of steam while showering.

4.Continued maintenance

The glass panels need to be cleaned after every shower to keep them stain-free and shining. For some people, this cleaning ritual can be a bit too much. Use commercial glass cleaning sprays to make cleaning easy.

5.Feels cold

If you live in colder weather, then showering in a walk in shower enclosure can leave you feeling cold. Use heating to warm yourself up after you step out of the shower.

Some Tips for Installing A Walk in Shower Enclosure

When installing a walk-in shower, think out of the box and be more creative to give your bathroom a unique and pleasing look. You can use statement tiles, frosted or printed glass panels, and stylish showerheads for a bold and sophisticated look. You will need to follow a specific sequence like the first step will be installing a wall profile, next will glass panels etc. All installation starts with first fixing shower trays. At the last stage, you will need to fix all the brackets and screws to ensure it is secure in its place. 

However, if you want to buy a new enclosure for your shower, you would need to look at various factors first. For example, if you want to have some extra privacy, then you can opt for bi fold shower doors which have a sliding mechanism that allows only a tiny opening to be opened.

There are also some bi fold shower doors which come with frames that are slightly adjustable. The Bi fold shower enclosures are great for those who want extra privacy as well as for those who have small children. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of space or want to keep the door open slightly for ventilation, then bi fold shower doors are perfect for your bathroom.

Buy Walk in Shower Enclosure from Royal Bathrooms UK

In previous sections, we have discussed Walk in Shower Enclosure from every aspect. The first part has top advantages that include easy access, attractive design, better usability etc. With it we have also provided information on possible drawback of installing it. Regardless of the reason you prefer this type of enclosure, you may have to deal with few issues like high moisture in the bathroom, not a great option for kids, and temperature control requirements.

It can solve easily all these issues. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of many shower enclosures available at budget prices. Therefore, if you are looking for an upgrade from a bath or want a new installation, please check out our website.

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