Travel & Enjoy Wonderful Beauty of Tibet & Bhutan

Traveling to hilly and snowy regions this summer is a cool and tempting idea for every tourist or traveler. Do you want to enjoy the beauty of Himalayan mountain regions, experience the peaceful nature and feel to hike the highest mountains by going for a tour to Himalaya? If yes, you should plan an adventure vacation and visit the Bhutan or Tibet. Here, you will get brief idea on tourism in both Tibet and Bhutan.

Overview on Tibet Tourism

Tibet White Yak

Tibet comprises the highest region of the world by its position in the northern Himalayan at an approximately altitude equal to 4,900 meters. Its capital city is Lhasa and Tibetan Buddhism forms dominant religion found in this country. Tibet has maximum number of Buddhism followers and preachers. You’ll experience the deep spiritual practices and path of meditation & enlightenment by Lord Buddha. Tourists fall for this location in the snow covered Himalayan Mountains and Tibet remains enriched with large numbers of tourists’ destinations to explore hidden Buddhist culture and custom.

Equally, besides its snow-covered regions of Himalayas, the country is a home to large numbers of green & lush prairies, pious lakes, Holy Kailash Mountain, large numbers of significant places, monasteries and palaces. Tibet Tours let you to experience large numbers of top tourists’ attractions, which include Mount Kailash, Mansarovar, many different oldest monastery and the famous Potala Palace.

Especially, tourists get attract easily towards Mount Kailash, because it is recognized as the frequently visited peak and pilgrimage of Himalayan Mountain. “Kailash belongs to the western hilly region of Tibetan Himalayas and constitutes a charismatic height equal to 6,714 meters. People consider it as an abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, as per the Hindu mythology. In addition, if you move towards south western part of Mount Kailash by about 20km, you will find the worldwide highest fresh water lake i.e. Lake Mansarovar across the world that has height equal to 4,588 meters.”

Overview on Bhutan Tourism


Bhutan is known as the land of peaceful states. Thunder Dragon provides various spectacular views of mountains, countless scenic beauty, unique lifestyle and culture under its Bhutan Travels offers. Specifically, the tour allows you to visit its capital city Thimpu. This place offers several cultural highlights in the form of silversmith workshops, Memorial Chorten of the famous King, weekend market and more.

If you want to experience adventurous treks, you must visit the most challenging Lunana Trek, Snow Man trek in Bhutan. Climbing of Lunana Mountain includes rigorous mountain hiking for 24 hours under various high peaks categorized under Bhutanese Himalayan Region.

You should visit both Bhutan & Tibet and experience its amazing beauty.

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