Top Trends Retail Brands Need To Know

Use of Mobile Devices

Undoubtedly mobile is now considered to be the top most priority if we list down the important milestones in the ecommerce trends of today’s shopping. Fraud has always been the first concern of consumers when sharing their sensitive information through mobile while shopping online. That is the reason PCs and laptops hold the supremacy when it comes to shop online as they are alleged of the security features. However it is clear that the mobile commerce will continue to be the leader among PC and Laptop devices being the top buy online mobile. Consumers are getting engaged with the brands through different channels. Indeed they want to shrink the path to purchase. Therefore this can be a great opportunity for the new retail brands to better use it for engaging its potential consumers beyond the website to initiate more rewarding experiences. Yet transforming this engagement into the actual revenue generated could be challenging. The major challenge is to remove the conflict associated with these channels. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest suggest the retailers to minimize the flaws so that they could discover smart strategies in order to be successful in their journey.

New Technologies for New Retail

The technologies such as location-based services and augmented reality by Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are the new retail technologies. These technologies undeniably have the probability to change the purchasing experience. These technologies also facilitate the retailers the data of consumers that can enhance the capacity to modify the services of the retailers to meet the needs of the individuals in more personalized manner. Moreover with the advancement of digital voice assistant, the retailers can also make use of it as an essential tool in future. The augmented reality and location based services seem to be functional for now. However the privacy concerns resist to make use of these technologies as consumers still have the concern about sharing their personal information specifically the user’s location.

Social Network

In contrary to the Asian market, the social commerce is hard-hitting sell in the western mature world. Embedded online habits of consumer in western world has proved to be overcome and executing a single click on a social media platform could not be enough to trap the social network users into the notion of getting the items purchase through the social platform. Yet the social media platform can be beneficiary for online shopping evolution through mobile activity. It can be observed that that social media engagement patterns are also changing as it is used to be a platform for a product research as more time is spent on social media. As social media engagement is seems to be more serviceable and mobile is considered to be the primary device to shop then retailers have the opportunity to bring unified online experience for shopping.

Business without Borders

It is observed that the sale from the rest of the world is growing so quickly that the US share of global retail Ecommerce business seems to be falling. The reason is that the businesses need to overcome the cultural barriers and limitation in terms of foreign regulations. The modern technology and modern global logistics seems to play a major part to enable the consumers for buying cheap products directly from foreign market.

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