Top Signs you Need Blue Light Glasses

Your morning starts with shutting off the alarm from your phone and checking notifications. Then you work for 8 hours on computers. While break time, you check social media, watch some videos on your phone. After coming back from work, you switch on the television to watch your favourite shows and then you end your day again by checking your phone. If you are too attached to your phone, you stay awake few more hours. 

blue light glasses

This is the daily routine of almost all. Most people nowadays are glued to their mobile screen. You watch videos, play games, do work and whatnot but the hours you spend on these digital devices is very large. And that’s not healthy at all.

Digital devices emit blue lights which is a form of high energy visible light. When you are exposed to these lights for long hours over a prolonged period of time, you will start having eye strains and fatigue. Strain and fatigue can make you feel tired and fatigued all the time. Your mood is affected, your productivity at work is affected. This increases your stress level. And when stress is more, it leads to many diseases. If you are suffering from such symptoms, then you should start blocking these blue lights. And the best way to do this is by using blue light blocking glasses.

How blue light blocking glasses can help?

blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses reduces the intake of blue lights from every source. Blue light is present in natural light, LED lights, and all digital devices. Blue light in some amount is good for your brain but overexposure to it can cause plenty of problems for you. 

Blue light makes your mind active and alert. It is a good thing to expose yourself to morning sunlight. However, using digital devices day in and out is causing your eyes to strain. By blocking blue lights, these glasses eliminate the side effects of blue lights.

Wearing these glasses can help in reducing eye strain and fatigue after long hours of working on computers. You will get headaches less often. Headaches occur because you overexpose your eyes to blue light causing them to strain. 

Blue light makes your mind active. Overexposure can keep your sleep away. You will have trouble falling asleep. By blocking blue lights, you will be able to regulate your sleep cycle back to normal. For this, you need blue light blocking glasses with maximum blue light blocking capability. Specscart’s X-Blue UV block 99.99 per cent of blue lights. You should buy glasses online in these blue light blocking lenses to regulate your sleep cycle and reduce your daily fatigue.

Should you start using blue light glasses?

blue light glasses
blue light glasses

If you are an office worker who works for eight hours or more on computers, then you should use these glasses. Digital strain is an occupational hazard. You should use safety devices (blue light glasses) to reduce digital strain and fatigue.

If you are an internet addict or gamer or student or simply someone who likes binge-watching, you should get blue light glasses. You might experience eye issues after using a computer for long hours. Even if you have perfect vision, prolong exposure to blue lights can cause you headache and eye pain as well. You should buy fake glasses with blue light blocking lenses while using computers.

If you are hyperopic or have high myopia, working on computers can strain your eyes. Wearing blue light glasses will give you a comfortable and smoother vision. The bright and high-resolution screen doesn’t hurt after you use blue light glasses.

If you are dry eyes or headache while working on computers, then you can consider using blue light glasses.

Blue light glasses are not necessary but wearing them will give you better and comfortable vision.

Alternatives to blue light glasses

  1. You can put on blue light filter screen on all digital devices
  2. You can reduce the resolution of all your digital devices to a comfortable mode.
  3. You can take a break or vacation
  4. You cna take appropriate breaks in between work and not touch devices during that time period
  5. Use artificial tear solutions to lubricate your eyes. This will relieve your eyes from eye pain and strain.
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