Top Case Studies Where Instagram Marketing Campaign Had Fetched Top Notch Results

For business marketing, it is essential to plan the campaign for the business neatly and to follow a few crucial steps. The most important thing is to plan the process with perfection. To plan the process in the right manner, you need to delve deeper. Thorough market research is essential for preparing a business marketing campaign. You need to understand the mindset of your target group of audiences. You also have to check how your competitors are doing. A combination of these things will help you in the business marketing planning process.

When it comes to studying the rival businesses, you need to look at the firms which are doing better than your business. Sometimes, it is not just all about the competing companies. It is important to follow or learn meticulous ideas of a business marketing campaign from various successful companies. Online marketing is such a field where many companies have succeeded, but the list of failure concerns too. Companies have failed in online marketing due to lack of innovativeness and lack of transparency. Having these two things is essential for internet marketing through Instagram and other social media platforms.

In the following section, business owners can learn about the basics of online business marketing through Instagram, and as a few cases, studies will be discussed for the business marketing campaign using Instagram. Learning from the most successful businesses on this social media platform is worthy enough to make your business campaign more successful. It will help you to find more innovation in your thinking for planning the business marketing campaigns.

Instagram Campaign of National Geographic

When it comes to Instagram campaigning, every business must learn a few crucial things from National Geographic. It is a famous TV channel, which does not need any introduction to anyone these days. With around 74 million followers, they feature how ethical marketing can make your famous on the internet. They do not use gimmicks or sensational contents for an Instagram marketing campaign on the social profile of this business. Only good photographs are used for creating social media buzz. So far, this method has worked flawlessly for this business house. In fact, this method will always work for them as it is transparent and ethical.

With photograph sharing, National Geographic also gives the budding photographers a chance to become famous. Photographers want to showcase their photos on the Instagram wall of this business profile. However, only good quality photos will be accepted. The standard or benchmark is high along with cut-throat competition among different photographers. It is a dream comes true moment for many people who want to become professional photographers. A campaign on Instagram will surely help them to grow as well as recognized as a professional photographer. So, the case study of National Geographic’s business campaign on Instagram highlights that there is no substitute for using quality contents for business marketing and Facebook likes. You must maintain authenticity and transparency for the best business marketing results.

Adidas Neo

Conventionally, business owners have to invest a lot of money in marketing. They need to put money into creating posters, flyers and other advertising materials. For social media advertising, you can use virtual posters or banners. It is the conventional method, but the field of online business marketing demands more uniqueness, social engagement, and innovative thinking. Adidas Neo has come up with a creative idea to feature business marketing on Instagram through its customers. They started a business campaign program where they would not make any expenses for creating business posters or contents or stories for the target audience. The buyers or loyal customers would create the contents instead.

In this way, a person has the chance to become popular, and Adidas Neo gets a chance to feature the real story of a customer in front of the world on the social media. Such innovative Instagram technique is no more a secret these days, as many businesses have already started using this method for effective business marketing through Instagram. However, a lot of people do not know that Adidas Neo is the first company to go for such a unique concept for business marketing. It was a massive hit among the social media workers. Through Adidas Neo’s initiative, many budding models feature themselves in front of the world. So, it mutually benefits the company as well as participating individuals.

Old Spice Dream Runner

Who does not know about Old Spice? It is probably one of the best brands when it comes to finding men grooming related products. The whimsical ad campaign of this company on the social media, especially on Instagram, is worth studying for the webmasters or business marketing campaigners. The company has launched a campaign which is known as Dream Runner. After starting this campaign, the number of Instagram followers has increased by 44% for this company. Not just an improvement in Instagram followers, it had noticed a sharp rise in the follower number for the other social media websites after launching for this campaign.

Dream Runner campaign is quite similar to share stories of different people. In this business marketing campaign, different people have been featured, and the company has also rewarded them. As a result, the campaign turned into massively popular as well as perfectly accepted among the people who are well accustomed to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Airbnb has become popular on Instagram due to its innovative business marketing campaign. The meticulous campaign of this company has always been a subject of a case study for the novice as well as even the experienced business marketers. It uses creative hotel or property photographs to showcase on its Instagram profile. Not just a picture, it also focuses on the other aspects. For example, it uses the hashtags meticulously. Often businesses put up a lovely photograph on Instagram for the business campaign through they forget to add meticulous title or tagline to the picture. If you study the Instagram marketing campaign of Airbnb, you shall find that this company never misses out to add a new tagline to a photograph.

These are just some of the case studies that we have shared above for the readers. To know more about how Instagram can help you with your business marketing campaign, you can keep reading our upcoming blog posts.

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