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Top 6 Best Apps for Windows 8 Phone

The much anticipated Windows 8 Phone entry wasn’t accompanied by quite the bang that had been expected. But rather than describing the welcome as tepid, it’d be more appropriate to say that the outlook was more cautious than indifferent or hostile. However, that’s changing fast: the Window’s Phone is here, and from the looks of it, it seems here to stay. And sure enough, what started out as an almost empty apps store at the beginning of the year has now become quite well stocked, and the list of apps is growing. Certainly not even a fraction of what they have on the Android or the iOS shelves, but the Microsoft protégé is slowly and surely getting off the ground. And this time, the Windows app developers have some quite interesting and useful apps for the new Windows phone up for review, all of them absolutely free of cost. Here’s a look at the top 10 best apps for Windows 8 Phone in the year 2016.

1. Shazan

One of life’s most frustrating experiences is not having to go through a traffic jam, waiting for your “special” friend to arrive, or for your flight to be announced: frustration is when you hear a song playing somewhere, know you know the song, but simply can’t put your finger what song it is. That’s true frustration! Especially if you have someone next to you yelling, “You know it, man, you do!” Well, no longer do you have to go through that pain. Just load this wonderful app, Shazan on to your Windows 8 Phone. Then next time a song plays that you want to know all about, all you have to do is call the app on your Windows 8 Phone. Shazan “listens” to the song and compares it with millions of songs in its databases and when it finds the right match, tells you what song it is. Great app to impress your friends and family with, but an even greater boon for music buffs who want to have information about their music on the go. And what’s more, this app is absolutely free! But remember, Shazan is a stickler for quality and identifies songs only from original sources such as records or radio, it simply won’t help you if you try to hum your song into it. So don’t waste your breath.

 2. Instance

Instance is an “unofficial” Instagram client that has gained acceptance in the absence of an official Instagram app for Windows 8 Phone users. From your Windows 8 Phone, you can use Instance to upload pictures to the Instagram network, and manipulate them, such as cropping, adding filters, resizing them or adding effects. This is a free app and therefore you’ll have to live with the embedded ads. But this is only till you get an official Instagram app, so it’s no big deal!

3. BBC iPlayer

BBC is an icon, and there’s nothing more satisfying for TV buffs who’re hooked on BBC to able to watch their favorite programs while they’re on the move. There’s a significantly large number of these BBC fans on the ground, and this is good news for the Windows 8 Phone owners among them. Because the BBC iPlayer, after making its debut on iOS and Android devices, is now available with all its features and functionality for the Windows 8 Phone as well. Now you can catch up on global and local news on the go, and enjoy your favorite TV shows – BBC products only – on your Windows 8 Phone. And it’s for free!

4. Shortcut Tiles

One of the less pleasing things about the Windows 8 Phone UI is that you have to navigate laboriously through specific settings menus each time you want to access and modify a particular function, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Here’s where Shortcut Tiles chips in – it enables you to simply populate your home screen with live tiles pointing directly to the settings menu for important functions that you need to access and modify when you’re on the move. So now it’s a one touch operation – just tap the Shortcut Tile for that particular item to access its settings menu, and go in directly and modify it. That easy! And Shortcut Tiles is freeware, so you don’t even have to pay a penny!

5. Weave News Reader

Are you an avid news watcher? Do you find the Bookmarks feature on your Internet Browser useful? Then you’ll really plump for Weave News Reader – which performs the same functions for your Windows 8 Phone. Basically, this app is a content organizer that lists all your favorite websites at one place for easy access. It also makes suggestions on the news and video content that you may like to view, which you can then “file” in the comprehensive list. This is a really useful app for people who are perpetually roaming the wide web world through their Windows 8 Phone. A smart free gift, really.

6. Ringtones

Remember the time when your friends had all the latest, smartest and coolest ringtones on their mobiles for which they were paying through the nose in subscription charges, and you wished you could also afford to subscribe to some latest tones? Say goodbye to such yearnings. Ringtones is here. Basically, it’s just a simple search and download app that helps you locate ringtones you would like to have on your Windows 8 Phone from thousands of tones in its databases. Once you’ve sampled them, you can download them to your device. A custom ringtone for each of your contacts: isn’t that a blessing? That too, for free!

The Windows 8 Phone is a relatively young gadget, and the number of apps for the phone is only just beginning to grow. As this quite impressive phone from Microsoft becomes more popular – which it seems bound to do – the number, variety and end-use of these apps is bound to grow exponentially. Our listing of the top 6 best apps for Windows 8 Phone in 2016 takes up apps that are current, useful, and are totally free of cost. These are must-have apps for your Windows 8 Phone, so go ahead and start acquiring them and empower your Windows 8 Phone some more.

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