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Top 3 Ways To Find Work From Home Jobs

The old saying, “if it were easy then everyone would be doing it,” holds true for many areas of life. This includes career choices. When a majority of people think of work from home jobs, they envision pajamas, social media splurges, and couch surfing. Who wouldn’t want that job description? Not so fast. According to the results from Dubai Task latest annual survey, telecommuters are educated, experienced, and have the discipline to work remotely. Of those surveyed, 79 percent held college degrees while 81 percent were mid to manager level professionals.

Finding work from home jobs

Very similar to a conventional jobs search in Dubai or in any other city, the top ways to find work from home jobs are through online searches and screened leads. As with any job search, this involves listening to your gut to avoid scams and knowing what you are good at. This isn’t about finding any remote position. It is about finding a legitimate, telecommuting opportunity that is aligned with your skills and knowledge.

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The most productive way to find a legitimate, work at home job is through websites that have already done the work to identify and screen job leads., founded by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren of Staffcentrix, LLC, offers daily, free and screened job leads. Another popular site, , offers screened jobs leads as a fee based service.

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Online searches provide another means to identify potential work from home opportunities. Utilize key words such as telecommute, virtual, and remote in a search engine. In addition, you can run a search for remote jobs using job aggregators such as Job aggregator sites allow you to narrow your focus by industry, salary, location, and more.

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Design a mutually beneficial telecommuting plan with your current organization. Draw up a schedule that can accommodate both you and the organization’s needs. Be able to show how your duties and results will not be negatively affected. If you are an asset to your company and have the results to back up your hard work, the company will want to keep you onboard.

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