Top 3 Cities With The Best Food And Culture In Asia

Asia is a beautiful continent full of diverse cultures and food. The many cities of Asia offer some of the best food experiences and a healthy dose of adventure, ancient history and culture. As Asian cuisines and culture are increasingly becoming popular worldwide, most people may find it a little overwhelming establishing the top cities with the best food and culture.
The following are the top 3 cities with e best food and culture in Asia:

Osaka, Japan
Osaka, which is Japan’s second biggest city has a bevy of delicious culinary goodies. This city boasts many signature dishes such as seaweed broth, high-grade salmon, pancake-like seafood, the meat dish known as Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and kitsune Udon. Some of the places in Osaka where you can find these dishes are Dotonbori district near Namba station, Shinsekai which lies beneath the Tsutenkaku Tower and Kuromon market for lovers of seafood.

Osaka is a genuine treasure of unique cultural institutions, ranging from superb museums to art galleries, temples, and theaters. When you visit Osaka be sure to visit the Suntory Museum of Osaka. This is a large exhibition hall where various epochs are kept. Other cultural sites you cannot afford not to visit include; Osaka Castle, Osaka municipal museum of fine art, Ame-Mura, Hep Five Ferris Wheel , Shitennoji Temple and many more.

Beijing, China
When it comes to food, Beijing offers everything from spectacular dishes to home-style dishes. Beijing also boasts a wealth of mouthwatering street foods all year round. This city in China, has diverse restaurant scenes that offer an alternative to traditional Chinese cuisine. Talk of spice meat skewers, sample chuan’r, fat dumplings , roasted sweet potatoes, and grilled vegetables. Other foods that you must try in Beijing include; Peking Roast Duck, Boiled mutton, Egg tarts, Yunnan grille cheese, and more. The list is endless.

Cultural places and sites are spread all over Beijing. These sites offer tourists an opportunity to learn the history and culture of ancient china. The notable cultural sites in Beijing include; Great Wall, Former Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, Summer place, Tian’anmen Square ,and The Lama Temple.

Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong is home to amazing food choices . If you’re a foodie, Hong Kong will definitely be your paradise. While this city in Southeastern China boasts its own food carts, it has a wide variety of exotic dishes. Some of the foods you can enjoy in Hong Kong include; Wanton & Beef Brisket Noodles , Roast meats, Egg Tarts, Hong Kong Tea, Swiss Chicken Wings, Seafood, and many more.

The best places you can eat in Hong Kong are; North Point Egglet, Yuen Kee Restaurant, Ah Shun’s Kitchen, Tim Ho Wan, Mak’s Noodle and many more. Culture is what makes Hong Kong unique from other cities in Asia. Hong Kong nicely blends the Western culture with the Eastern culture where tradition and modernity thrive side by side. From the incense-filled temples to lively festivals, colonial buildings, ancient traditions, inspiring museums, historical sites, places of worship, monuments, and living cultural experiences,

Hong Kong truly has a rich cultural background that you can’t have enough of.While in this great city, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with Hong Kong’s top massage therapists. There are many great places where one can have the popular Hong Kong massage and relax yourself after a long day. So there you have it. These are the top 3 cities with the best food and culture in Asia. If you’re a foodie and a person who is into cultural stuff, Hong Kong, China, Beijing, China and Osaka, Japan are a paradise for you.

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