Top 16 Crypto Influencers on Twitter You Must Follow [InfoGraphic]

The crypto world is buzzing with daily ups and downs. Everyone who has had even a slight taste of the cryptocurrencies knows that this world is very volatile. One moment you are in profit, the very next moment you are at loss. Considering the crypto world is so new, everyone here is a noob and most of the people who call themselves traders are actually the ones who by chance had a bull run with their coin, where they were not the reason in the first place. The best one can do today is to follow the right people in the industry. The below infographic is an excellent explanation.

Twitter is a platform which is more than just a microblogging website. It is a place where the best news breaks up the fastest. If you follow the right people, you can minimize your losses and also get to learn along the way. The infographic has many excellent people who are expert in the domain of cryptocurrencies. They are the ones who really understand terms like cup and handle, MACD lines and what not. So if you are new in the crypto space then make sure to follow these people and make the most out of your crypto trades.

Reference: Bloom Times

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