Top 11 Ranking Signals for 2019

While you’re trying to improve the returns from your website and make it more reachable to the appropriate audience, it is important to catch up with the updated Google algorithms for ranking. To know that your website has been aptly structured as per SEO requirements and guidelines, it would be quite essential to do up several researches. Probably, you will have to look for the best SEO Company India that could serve your purpose as per expectations.

Topmost Google Ranking Signals for 2019

According to various SEO experts and also Google, there are about 200 ranking signals. Out of these, content and backlinks are regarded as the top two. Of course, you will not end up your search here. There are still many other aspects that could prove vital for improving  right traffic towards your website and making it recognizable. Mentioned below are a few major ranking signals you may have to consider:

  • Unique content

It is absolutely unsurprising that content is the primary consideration for best rankings. Not only from the point of view of the search engines but also the humane audience who would be using the information on your website. While Google is a pre-existing source of enormous knowledge about everything and anything, the search engine is likely to search for content that is unique and elaborated. Make sure to set up a content that is appropriate, explains the topic well and is useful for the audience. It would be appreciable to look for some of the most amazing content ideas.

  • High quality backlinks

Backlinks are supposedly the base that helped Google emerge as what it is today. Having appropriate backlinks for your website is absolutely important. Google will not only be looking for sheer amount of backlinks but also the fact that those are relevant. Well, the search engine is going to analyze it until its depth. It would check out with the webpages you link, the content around the link and the content on the link. Monitoring your backlink profile is therefore of great importance.

  • Dwell Time and Bounce rate

Along with the relevancy and excellence of the content featured on your website, how long does the user stay on your webpage is also an important factor for ranking. This will also be a determinant factor for the usability of the content on your website. It is suggestible to keep your content engaging enough to let the user stay a little longer on you page. On the other hand, if the users are too quick in switching to other websites, this would increase the bounce rate for your website which is something you would not really appreciate.

  • Page loading time

It is yet another important factor that is responsible for increased bounce rates. Slow loading pages could be the reason why users instantly switch to other pages. Therefore, it is very important to start working to improve your website’s page loading time. While everyone is in a hurry to know what they want to, slow loading pages could turn out to be annoying experiences. Making all possible efforts to improve this aspect of your website is therefore important.

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR or Click through Rate is determined by the number of times a user clicks on your listing to view the content on your webpage. If your listing gets fewer clicks then the listing positioned right below your listing would move you down reducing your ranking on the Google SERP. Therefore, probable efforts to improve your CTR are essential to maintain the best rankings for your webpages.

  • Keywords

You need to see to the fact that you use the most common search terms that users would prefer to reach you. Finds the highest ranking keywords and seek to use them relevantly throughout your content. This is another key SEO factor that needs to be considered in order to attract appropriate traffic towards your website. There are numerous excellent keyword research tools that could be used to find the most suitable keywords.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

You may be well aware of the fact that most of your targeted audience would access your website via their mobile phones. While mobile devices had been excessively in use in the prevailing time, Google has also made mobile responsiveness as a mandatory factor for search engine ranking. Therefore, while seeking a better position for your websites on the SERPs, make sure that you consider all efforts to make it mobile responsive.

  • Secure Website

Since the year 2016, Google has been flagging websites that do not have the SSL certificate. Well, to simplify, these are the websites that don’t have the https at the beginning of the domain name. These are marked unsecured. The SSL or Secured Socket Certificate ensures that the traffic between the user’s server and web browser is encrypted.

  • Domain Age

This is yet another important factor that needs to be considered while you’re looking for the best Google rankings for your website. While your webpages are too young, it’s quite considerable that they may take time to gets the extreme traffic level that is important for reaching the topmost positions on the SERPs. It would generally take more than 2 years for your website to acquire the best traffic towards it.

  • On-Page Optimization

Optimized web pages will undeniably perform well on various factors, the proper allocation of keywords heading tags and other elements like images and the web page representation will have a great effect on the traffic driven towards it and could let you website get more preference among general audience and also search engines.

  • User Experience

By hook or crook, the final verdict about your website is the one that is determined by the users.  It is therefore very important to present elements that would match the taste of the users and give them enough reasons to engage with your website. Further, an excellent user is also very important for various other factors that would be improving the overall performance of your website. 

Based on these Google ranking signals you may seek to bring in efforts that could get the best rankings to your website. It would always be suggestible to find the best SEO Company India to serve you well with all these requirements.