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Tips You Should Know- Stutter and Stammer

You must have witnessed someone not able to complete his/her sentence and continue to put breaks after few words. This condition is referred as Stammering or Stuttering. These are two different words used in speech therapy with same meaning and can be used as vice versa. This condition is defined as the interference in the forward flow of speech through various behaviours. Stammering is mostly noticed in children of early age while developing speaking skills. Almost 5% or above are the stats for the affected children aged between 2 to 5 years of age. But if this condition develops in your adulthood, you need to consult a doctor as this may be serious.

Stammering causes difficulty for the speaker as they may skip some words in certain situations. A person may face issues in organizing words or sentences while speaking in front of a mass audience, which can happen even with the fluent speakers out of nervousness. And this condition can also referred as Stuttering in the USA.

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Types of Stammering in adults

Risk Factors for Stuttering

These are the factors which helps to decide, if the child needs the speech therapy and Speech-Language-Pathologist or not. Then decide if the requirement of treatment is immediate or not.

Causes of Stammering

Following are the common causes of stammering:

Remedies for Stammering

Exercises for Stammering

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