Tips to Select Best Tent for Great Traveling Experiences

Before planning a tour or camping with your friends please select a nice and durable camp for the best traveling experience. It is essential because in outdoor or forest areas it will keep you safe & protected. When you visit market and different stores to find the right one, you’ll see a plenty of brands, stores & tent manufacturers. When it comes to tent size then you can find a great range of sizes to accommodate a number of individuals. You can even find the small tents too, to accommodate smaller number of people. Here we are listing down different fabrics ranging nowadays, have a look over it:

Traveling Experiences

Different Tent Fabrics


Cotton is used widely as a perfect material to make high quality tents. But it has seen very rare nowadays. Its main disadvantage is its weight compared with the man-made, modern fabrics with stylish looks. But the best thing is, nothing can beat the wonderful smell inside tent of cotton material. Cotton has the property to breathe naturally that is why it is less susceptible to condensation in comparison with the modern tents.

PVC Coated Canvas Tents 

PVC is used for coating to make strong and waterproof tents. The only disadvantage of PVC coated tent is extra added weight and tendency for condensation to form on the plastic coated fabric.

You should keep in mind that condensation can become a big issue with any coated fabric. Hence, ventilation is very essential in tents.

Polycotton Canvas Tents

In this natural cotton is combined with polyester. It can offer a lighter fabric with similar length. It is alike cotton. It can also be used without coating but must be treated to repel water.


Polyester offers several coating options. Most of the manufacturers offer their own coatings with different names. But it is very prominent to find the one which has breathable coating. So it can allow air through but not moisture. It doesn’t get shrink after getting wet and not affected much by sunlight.

If you are looking for a fireproof tent then there is none yet. Many tent makers may claim that their fabrics are fire retardant but keep in mind that all tents will burn. So, you should not use any tool with open flames. These types of tents are good for camping and will give you a better travel experience.

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