Tips for Eating Clean on a Small Budget

People, concerned for health and like to eat balanced & clean diet, often struggle with tight pockets. When you visit a general store or a mall for buying grocery & food items, price tags become barriers between healthy eating habits. Don’t worry, you are not alone. You may find some stores which claim you to provide clean & healthy foods in budget friendly price tags but you shouldn’t rely on them.

You may observed it often that a big packet of chips doesn’t cost you much but when you chose an organic or clean one the cost gets higher. You can find clean food three times costlier in comparison to unhealthy foods. But we are here with the tips to help you plan and shop smarter. Have a look:

Eating Clean

Emphasize in-season produce

Try to buy seasonal produce because during harvest time, cost of food drops due to high availability of food. Similar thing happens in case of fruits & vegetables. Seasonal things are rich in flavor & nutrition as well. You can search for the list of seasonal produces, if you don’t have any idea.

Know when to skip organic

It is not mandatory to buy everything organic, there are certain crops such as corn, onion, avocadoes, pineapples and cabbage which absorb minimal amount of chemicals so you can buy the conventionally grown foods. But there are a few, including apples, strawberries, grapes, celery and peaches, can have high levels of pesticide residue, so in this case look to buy for organic only to reduce chemical consumption.

Don’t be afraid of store brands

You can choose store brand products at supermarkets as these brands promise you the quality of foods in nominal prices. You can find it useful because supermarkets provide variety of food in bulk.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk will help you to save some more bulks like grains like oats, quinoa, rice, barley, lentils, olive oil, spices etc. You can store it for a year without worrying about its quality. It helps you to eliminate excess packaging cost and offer you even more discounts. Which means you can save even more.

You can even take advantage of frozen fruits & veggies because these are an affordable option to choose when it comes to eating clean. You can also save leftovers and use it in another form. This way you can prevent food from wastage.

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