Tips for Decorating the Wedding Cars

The vows have been changed now it is the time to make a memorable exit.

There are several things to take care for your big day. Most of the bride and bridegroom started their wedding preparation months ago, to ensure everything runs perfectly. Be it is Indian wedding or Christian wedding a wedding transportation plays a vital role. Generally, these days’ couples prefer to decorate their wedding cars with beautiful flowers, ribbons, beer cans or statements. Well, decorating the wedding vehicles for the newlyweds is a fun tradition.

Furthermore, decorating the wedding car requires proper attention and care. There would be two times when you have to decorate the vehicle.

First, when the bride makes the entrance to the wedding hall, second, when both newlyweds leave for the wedding reception. Make sure the decoration of the car would be different in two ways, In the first case, the honor should be light prefer to add flowers and silk ribbons only whereas, in the second case you may include decorative stickers, statements like ”Just Married”, “Queen & King” etc.

How to decorate the wedding car?

For the bride, a wedding car means a lot. Therefore it should be in excellent condition. The should be no danger to the safety of the bride and groom as they would travel to their wedding reception. There are few thing which you have to gather for the vehicle decorations like wedding ribbon that match with flowers, confetti, streamers, balloons and pompoms. You also need to bring the statements boards imprinted with “Just married” message. You can even bring beer cans and tie them on the rear side of the wedding vehicle.

Most importantly, the flowers and ribbons which you would select should complement the wedding theme. You can use both real and artificial flowers.  You can also use soap bar, shoe polish or even shaving cream to write something crazy on vehicle windows.

Why Decorate?

Decorating the wedding vehicle is a way of congratulating the couples. Moreover, it is a fun way to exit the wedding reception and welcome the new life.

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