Things you must do in the city of Bhopal

India is a perfect example of unity in diversity with so many rich culture and traditions that are being followed on a large scale. Talking of which, we will learn some interesting things that you can do in the city of Bhopal. This wonder city is also known to be the hub of adventure and action that gives a mesmerizing experience for you and your loved ones. This socio culture city has many interesting things to do other than exploring the best architecture based buildings and coming across the wildlife. The activities, the food, and the adventure, which you will perform here will definitely give you a close look to the modern city that Bhopal has become.

city of Bhopal

New Market Overview

For shopaholic who loves to collect some incredible things while exploring the new city shall definitely try out the new market in Bhopal. This place is located in the heart of capital city and is less than a sq. km. you can find here almost anything and everything from a small pin to an airplane. The market is also flooded with embroidery and bead work which is the specialty of the city. Do not forget to buy local handicraft that has a unique ethnicity touch.

Take a City Walk

Something that you must do when you land up in a place that is completely new is taking a city walk. It is the best way to explore the inner world of the city and get to know the new and old alleys that are popular around. When you book hotel in Bhopal, you are advised to choose the one that is located within the city as you can easily get local transportation and reach to popular tourist areas without any kind of hassle. Plan for a walk while visiting Imam Square, Sardar Manzil and Shaukat Mahal and do not forget to buy souvenirs of the same.


For foodies, this is a must visit restaurant that is also popular in Bhopal. The place is quite expensive but for the hungry stomach and demanding taste buds, the restaurant is value for money. It is known for the Pehswari and Mughlai cuisines, which you can enjoy while watching the scenic view of the lake. If you are a non-vegetarian, then don’t forget to enjoy the fish tikka and biryani which is popular.

Bhopal Ropeway

For people who love to do adventure, Bhopal has got a unique style of ropeway to enjoy. Yes, you have heard it right, there is a temple called Manua bhan ki Tekri which is known for the sacred site and the secluded area. To reach the destination, there is a special ropeway that needs to be used. Of course, when you are on the ropeway, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent scenes of Bhopal along. It is definitely one novel experience to enjoy when you are in the city.

Bhopal is a model city and the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern culture is the perfect example of its progress. While searching for hotels in Bhopal India, certainly you will come across a huge list but try choosing the one which is close to natural abundance like Upper and Lower Lakes where you can closely enjoy the natural beauty in and around Bhopal.

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