Role of Telecommunication

The Role of Telecommunication in The Society

Role of Telecommunication

The idea that the world is a global village cannot be disputed. Technology has played an essential role in making this dream a reality. Telecommunication, for instance, has transformed how humans conduct their affairs by bridging the physical gap between them.

Mobile phones have in recent times been designed to perform multiple functions like email, verbal communication, and access to social media platforms. To ensure that as many individuals enjoy the benefits that telecommunication offers, lifeline programs have been put in place to discount essential telephone services to low-income subscribers. Lifeline phone service Oklahoma is making this possible by providing this vital service to its customers.

The overall impact that telecommunication has on every society is immense; more can be realized if many community members are empowered to voice a range of issues affecting them. A look at some benefits brought about by this technology;

It encourages the relationship

Enhancing the scope of communication allows people to stay in touch and build on quality relationships. In a world where people are constantly migrating to pursue different ambitions, communication can be pretty expensive or even impossible if it were not for telecommunication.

It improves Education

Today, with a computer, smartphone, and internet connectivity, one can access the entirety of world knowledge without having to travel. Students can attend their lectures online at the comfort of their hostels or homes.

It improves Governance

Telecommunication and information technologies keep citizens informed. They can keep their leaders in check by questioning their actions. This compels those serving in public offices to act responsibly, knowing that they would be accountable for their actions.

Helps in creating environmental awareness

There are concerns about environmental degradation everywhere. It is also a fact that the duty of preserving the environment cannot be the duty of the government. Individual responsibility is required to make this campaign a success. Through telecommunication, citizens are made aware of their role in environmental preservation.

Most of the challenges faced by the human race can be overcome by coming and standing together. The best way to achieve that is by empowering ordinary citizens to access telecommunication services despite their financial capabilities.

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