The most amazing knowledge about the Temecula wineries

We already knew the old part of the city of Temecula, its attractions and events, now it is the turn of the valley with around 35 vineyards that produce more than 50 varieties of wine recognized internationally. Most of the vineyards are open to the public all year round from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm with tours, either on their own or guided, during which the wines are tasted, you know about the history of the vineyard, how wines are produced and there is also entertainment.

The tasting prices vary by vineyard, no appointment is necessary unless it is a group and during the week in addition to having fewer people have specials. The site has suggestions for visiting the vineyards on their own, but how liquor is consumed is a good idea to hire a means of transport to avoid driving. For many visitors, the wine region in the Temecula Valley remains a surprise. Many people do not expect to see barely undulating hills covered and traced by rows of vineyards so close to the California desert. However, the Temecula Valley has produced the highest quality wines since 1970. And, like wines from the best vintages, this land of wine gets better over the years.

It is a varied region, from grapes from cool climates such as Chardonnay, to varieties of warmer climates such as Syrah and Grenache. The tasting experience is also diverse. Visit the elegant vineyards with luxurious restaurants and views of the vines and, in summer, enjoy concerts with the best artists. Stroll through the streets of the ancient city of Temecula, with quality shops and restaurants, and feel relaxed as in the Wild West. Take a hot air balloon ride, take a tasting tour in a limousine with a driver or play golf. Or, simply, talk for a while with a winemaker or wine producer (usually in the cellars), who can share their experiences and provide you with knowledge about this unique and surprising region.

Temecula’s microclimate has resulted in a thriving American fruit and wine growing area that has flourished in Southern California since the late 1960s. Spring and summer offer the most idyllic, green landscapes in the valley, while the lively harvest season takes over from August to mid-October. Most wineries are located within walking distance of each other and local transportation services are available for connecting visitors from one award-winning destination to the next. Each winery offers a unique experience and prices, hours of operation, and exact offers may vary, some even have a guided tour of the vineyards.

Apart from the Temecula wineries, In the Temecula Valley within the Indian Reservation of the same name is the Pechanga Resort and Casino, the largest casino in California, which was built in 2001 and has a hotel, ten restaurants, nightclub, theatre for concerts and events, golf course, a camping site for caravan houses. Temecula Valley Cable Car that makes the tours on weekends in a 1914 motorized car that last operated on the San Francisco tram in 1954. The tours in addition to the wine tasting offer a picnic lunch.  To enjoy the beauty of the landscape several companies offer hot air balloon rides with duration of 60-75 minutes every day at dawn throughout the year, weather permitting.

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