The Latest of SEO in Current Digital Marketing World

 Digital MarketingWith the help of rank tracking and SEO tools, SEO companies have taken it to a different level of marketing. Below mentioned are some of the probability or predictions that can be expected in the year 2017-

AMP by Google: mobile optimization:

In the month of the year 2016, a program was floored by Google is commonly known as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. It was not easy for the SEO Company to get what it wanted, but the scenario has changed lately. To AMP search results each page is linked by Google under this program. In order to centralize the company`s plan this strategy is used. If you haven`t added the program to your SEO packages then do it now as it has been almost a year after AMP has been launched.

In Google Search console you need to validate all the AMPs once you install the AMP. In the Google Analytics enable the AMP tracking and you work is completed.

Don’t forget Siri: voice search:

Voice search has become immensely popular and this trend seems not to change. As this search is popular than any other ordinary search. Throughout the year, the best virtual assistant is Siri, Cortana, Google Now and this trend will continue to be same in 2017. As customers are happy and love taking help of a virtual assistant, it is the duty of SEO expert agency to make their customers comfortable. Siri should know your website, as well as Cortana, must be able to lead your customer to service page when it comes to SEO.

Quality content: micro-content:

You must check for the quality content when you find the affordable SEO packages as SEO Company are not always well equipped and has quality content. When the company is delivering something you should keep in mind that your customer is attracted as well as they stick to it. You should know is that you keep your content micro and not long which is not worth engaging. As your customer doesn`t have time to waste on long content and micro contents are more preferable.

The Video is on rising:

The second huge search engine and second largest platform today is YouTube. So as to optimize your content adding video to the SEO package is a clever decision. Instead of reading something people prefer more watching an HD movie. By adding anything or whatever you want to add in content and making a video and uploading it on Youtube hence making it easily available.


There was a lot of growth in SEO in 2016. And according to our prediction, this trend will remain same just with more advancement and development and from a technological standpoint website designing can also be seen.

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