The Correct usage Of Laboratory Equipment For Preventing Hazards

The laboratory is full with thousands of items, chemicals, specimens and heavy equipment. Some of these if not correctly used can cause risks in the laboratory. The safety [precautions are important not only for those inside but also for other people as well. Generally, people who work in the laboratory are incredibly cautious about the usage of chemical compounds and the conduction of experiments.

Laboratory glassware is quite robust and can resist high temperatures and strong chemicals. But one should remember that even if the equipment can withstand heat and corrosion, it is still breakable. Therefore while handling glassware in the laboratory one should be extremely careful because a wrong turn can create a huge mess in the lab and can also cause harm to other people.

 Safety measure while using glassware for experiments

It is important to note that working in the lab is a serious task and one should not leave experiments unattended or keep volatile compounds in the open. While specifically handling the glass instruments one should follow the following things in mind:

  • It is true that glass equipment like test tubes and beakers can tolerate heating, but that doesn’t imply that a person should heat those vessels for a long duration. It is essential to know the procedure of the experiment well in advance before conducting it in the laboratory.
  • There are specific directions given regarding the heating and boiling procedures and the duration needed for continuing that in reaching the desired results. As soon as the reaction occurs, stop the heat to prevent the test tube from bursting. Also keeping an eye on the boiling liquid is essential. If the liquid has evaporated due to boiling and the heat is not turned off then again accidents can occur.
  • While using any measuring glassware, the capacity of the beaker or flask should be noted. And the beakers should not be full because it can cause spillages and if reactive chemicals are present in the liquid then it can cause burns on physical contact.
  • Petri dishes having specimens or culture should be kept in a safe place away from the direct contact of other chemicals.
  • The glassware should never be kept on the edge of the workstation in the laboratory because it can get broken if it slides off accidentally.
  • Do not heat the test tubes for too long.
  • Always use corrosive acids in measured quantities while testing reagents using test tubes and you must pour the acids very slowly.
  • If the glassware like beakers or other glass equipment accidentally breaks then remove the pieces and partially broken instruments and never keep it inside the equipment shelf.
  • Do not intermix the glass droppers used for specific reagents during laboratory experiments.

Hence, it is essential to keep an eye on the usage of equipment in a laboratory, and at all instances, you must take utmost care so that the materials do not get destroyed due to faulty experimental procedures or inattentiveness.


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