The Biggest SEO Mistake Is Lack of Distribution

Every company today is thriving in their business due to the SEO. Optimization is done by them which drives traffic to the website. There are also some companies who are not able to break even despite presenting a high-quality SEO optimized content. The problem here is the lack of distribution.

The most common mistakes made by the SEO companies are that they write 4-5 internal blogs per month but when it comes to external blogging and distribution they have no defined strategy regarding the same.

SEO Mistake

Why is external blogging important?

Backlinks are the bedrock of Google’s algorithm. If other websites have backlinks to your website Google considers it authoritative and gives you a good rank after taking other factors into consideration.

These websites have to be legitimate as if Google views that they are spam then it can penalize your website and you won’t be ranked at all. This is why it is imperative that Google views you as authoritative with credible sourced backlinking to your website.


Coming to another key factor, which is distribution. If you have a lower domain authority and a mediocre content then chances are that you are few steps behind on the ladder in Google’s search.

Google SEO

Having a relevant and high-quality content is very crucial and this is a primary factor for Google’s ranking system. For good quality content, you can go for Contentmart as this website hosts thousands of talented freelance content writers. The writers hold expertise in producing high-quality SEO optimized content within the deadline. You can even ask for changes if you aren’t satisfied with the content.

In order to crack into the list of Google search results, you need to have a good domain authority and a high-quality content. A good domain authority and high-quality content can be established are you have credible backlinks backing you up. The more credible sources you have more is your authority over others in the eyes of Google.

Social Midia

Focus on distribution

Having long pages of content won’t amplify your business or take your website to the top. Your primary focus should always be to look for distribution channels and techniques. There is no use of your high-quality content if you can’t distribute or shed some light on it.

There is a key ratio here to give you a head start on planning. If one hour then you should spend 15 minutes writing the content and 45 minutes to look for distribution. Have this mantra fit inside your head. Less content, more distribution.

John’s sports shop

To understand better the functioning of distribution and avoid the biggest SEO mistake can be done with the help of an example. Here John’s sports shop is a local small business and has established a new shop in the area. There is 10 other sports shop there which are John’s sports shop competitors.

His ultimate goal here is to get among the top results of Google in order to defeat his competitors. This is a challenging task as his website is relatively new and his competitors have been in business more than 10 years.

Now to achieve his goal his SEO manager has to resort to the following strategies:

  • Local blog: he can contribute his insights to any of his favorite sports team.
  • National E-commerce site: he can contribute his content to a national website about any type of sports equipment. For example: how to buy athletic shoes in your budget?
  • Local newspapers: he could put his name on the newspaper by narrating any quotes relating to sports.
  • Local sports bar: he could contribute some content in any sports bars to get the word out.

Focus on external blogs

By the above strategies if John gets a hold of any 3 websites he has the ability to reach a greater audience and he would also be able to get some credible links backing him. His brand image would rise and he would get an authoritative status and provided a good rank by Google

Not only this he has to make sure that his user experience and the groundwork of his website is flawless. With great content and SEO, he will be on the first page of Google’s search results in no time. This way despite being new he gets to establish his name quickly with fewer efforts.

external blogs

As we can observe from the above example, having an extra edge is essential in order to beat your competitors. Writing only internal blogs is the biggest mistake SEO companies do which results in less growth of a business. To progress external blogs and distribution is essential. You can only grow if you put your content to display. Writing internal won’t get your recognized. Therefore, the best solution here is to resort to as many distribution channels as you can to get the word out.

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