The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Geeky Guy

Slowly but surely, Christmas is coming. Along with it come the stresses of shopping for presents. Whether worrying about if the present you ordered will arrive in time, or even worrying if the geeky guy in your life will like the present you chose, today’s article is here to help lay your woes to rest. We’re going to outline a few presents that are sure to light up any geeky guy’s heart Christmas day! So, not only are you going to know what’s good for your geeky guy, you’re also going to be able to order it super early and beat the dreaded holiday madness and stress that comes with our favorite winter celebration.

Beam Authentic

For the fashion conscious geeky guy in your life, look no further than the Beam Authentic! The Beam Authentic is a programmable button that you can clip, snap, or pin onto your clothing or attach via a magnet on the back. This smart button comes with a companion app that lets you create, upload, and share images on the button’s pretty nice front display. The Beam Authentic then is an awesome wearable tiny screen that displays an image of your choosing. This includes animated gifs as well to be extra eye-catching! Your geeky guy can use it in so many different ways with so many different outfits thanks to its flexibility in styling and mounting. Just keep in mind though, that as an electronic device, the Beam Authentic does have a battery life and its life has been reported to depend on the complexity and brightness of your selected image. However, typical usage should see the battery last at least several hours before requiring charging. Surely, that’s more than enough to make a fashion statement at the next con your geeky guy attends!

Volta Charging Cable

The Volta Charging Cable isn’t just a charging cable, it’s a whole system of cables to make life a whole lot easier for any person that has a lot of different devices to charge. Because as we become more electronic as a society, we gain more devices that each has a different charging cable port and it slowly becomes a nightmare of keeping track of cables for specific devices around the home. Enter Volta Charging Cable! This company makes a small magnetic tip that comes in all the most popular styles (thunderbolt, USB-C, USB micro, etc) that you plug into your device that then attaches to a magnetic charging cable. This means that by plugging the correct magnetic plug adapter (which are extremely small and unobtrusive) into all your devices, all your various devices can now use ONE universal cable to charge in your home! Perfect for homes with Android and iOS users, the Volta Charging Cable will improve your geeky guy’s life for sure.

A New Smartphone

As we become more connected together as a society due to the rise in connectivity from smartphone usage, it’s becoming obvious that a smartphone is an incredibly important part of someone’s life. It serves so many various functions in life that it should seem obvious, but a new smartphone is an amazing way to improve and brighten anyone’s life. What’s certain of any new smartphone as a gift, especially if it’s an upgrade is that your gift will be used and appreciated for years! The smartphone market is constantly growing and expanding with a dizzying array of new companies constantly competing with established companies like Apple and Samsung for market share. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but excellent companies like Personal Digital are there to help you narrow down the perfect gift phone with expert advice and customer service.

iFixit Tool Kit

What’s cooler than having the latest and greatest in technology? Being able to fix it yourself of course! iFixit is a company that sells everything your geeky guy would ever need to be able to fix just about any recently new smart device on the market. Is your geeky guy a bit clumsy and often finds themselves cracking their phone screen? Get them an iFixit repair kit to help them save money and also engage in a truly geeky pursuit. iFixit not only provides the tools you need, but their website is also full of incredibly detailed and well-written instructions on how to carry out the repairs your geeky guy will want to try.

There we have it, this list consists of the 4 best geeky guy Christmas gifts that anyone could get. While our list does focus quite heavily on an electrically geeky guy, we believe that smartphones are so commonplace that their inclusion in 3 of the 4 items on the list is justified and right. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and beat the Christmas rush and start ordering your gifts. We guarantee that the geeky guy in your life will love them!

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