The Benefits of Using Xilinx FPGA

Scientists and engineers have always searched for an onboard processing system that will help to solve various complicated controls and measure the challenges that will help them to reach the market faster and that too at a low cost. There were several attempts to produce this kind of onboard processing system but it is the Xilinx FPGA that has made a breakthrough. Xilinx was always on the lookout to make life easier for engineers and scientists because technology will help them come up with better facilities that will be helpful for citizens all over the world. Nowadays, you will see that the top products like Single-Board RIO, NI FlexRIO, myRIO, System on Module (SOM), CompactRIO, PXI, R Series, and a lot of similar products have started using Xilinx FPGA. In addition to that, the developers now get the fastest and the latest technology directly from Xilinx.

Uncountable advantages of using Xilinx FPGA

The day Xilinx expanded FPGAs into the 28 nm node, it took all the FPGAs into a different level altogether. Their efforts have helped to produce the most advanced FPGA in the recent times. Moreover, with Xilinx FPGA used on a single device, you can now use 3D ICs and All Programmable SoC quite easily. This was not possible before. If you are wondering if this is the only benefit of Xilinx FPGA, then you are wrong.

Here are some more benefits that you should be aware of:

  • The first thing that Xilinx has brought a change into is the TMSC. It has worked with TMSC in order to develop a specific process that will tailor to all the needs of programmable devices. Previously, it worked with high-performance devices that had to be tailored according to the graphics chipsets present in the PCs. Alternatively, it also worked with mobile phones or other low-power process targets. This system has been abolished because it involved a lot of chopping and changing because different devices had different chipsets. With the new Xilinx FPGA using TSMC 28 nm, you get the right combination of power savings and high performance for the programmable devices.
  • Cost is another factor that has kept the Xilinx FPGA ahead of others. The designs that they have come up with have the capacity to run at a high potential. However, the power consumption does not go up with the increase in capacity. This has been a huge game changer because until now, the designs that ran even with a low capacity consumed unimaginable power. Most importantly, Xilinx has identified several designs that can run on specific power requirements. They have designed the platforms in such a way so that the power requirements remain stable but the platforms perform at their highest level.
  • The architecture innovation of Xilinx FPGA is worth mentioning. The 7 series developed by Xilinx has introduced a new line of portfolio that will target the 28 nm HPL silicon process. Xilinx has also developed a series of scalable All Programmable FPGAs. This will include a midrange Kintex-7 family, a high-end Virtex-7 family, and a new low-cost Artix-7 family. The 7 series has already become popular because of the FPGA block that is included in it. There are BlockRAM, DSP Blocks, and several other components that remain consistent so that it makes the designing process easier and also to migrate to another design quickly.
  • Xilinx FPGA has brought the Zynq-7000 SoC into their FPGA unit this time. One of the reasons why this has been done is to make sure that developers can use it on one single device. So, you will not need multiple chips to support the SoC. The Zynq-7000 SoC will combine with the dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs that work on a single chip. The ones that have a rich set of multi-ported memory controller and I/O peripherals will benefit the most. It will connect with the respective SoC Processing System domain along with FPGA fabric. All this is done in one single Programmable Logic domain.
  • Another factor that has made a difference in the working pattern of engineers and scientists is the interconnection of more than 2000 nodes to the Processing System that finally connects to the Programmable Logic. There are several reasons why this was done: it has a low-latency communication, has the ability to deliver high performance, it is both flexible and can be extended whenever required and has the ability to process and program logic according to how the other systems connect with the processor-based devices. All these units are connected to the respective FPGAs directly through the printed circuit boards.
  • Experts are of the opinion that the FPGA technology used by Xilinx is the best one that has ever been developed. The device family that Xilinx supports provides the perfect balance between performance and power consumption. Most importantly, the clock rate performance compared to the power consumption, reliability, security, capacity, and high-speed I/O is checked when the FPGA is in use. Xilinx has been able to bring a balance in all of these features through its FPGA designs.
  • Engineers are always on the lookout for FPGAs that help them to test the performance of embedded applications. With the introduction of the three different families of Xilinx, this job is about to get easier for everyone. This is another reason why the compatibility of the FPGAs from Xilinx has worked in favor of the engineers and scientists. They can now check the balance of the features and change the functions because every one of them has medical imaging, hardware-timed test sequencing, custom triggering, software defined radio, real-time vision algorithms, protocol-aware digital test, signal intelligence, monitoring ultra-wide bandwidth communications and radar, and big physics control.

Xilinx has fast become the need of the hour for most of the developers. The combination of features and the balance offered in each of them is terrific. Starting from the DDR3 RAM controller to the node processing system, everything is thoroughly checked to avoid any kind of technical faults while the system is up and running.

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